Battery notification setting issues!


Viewer issue.
Galaxy S6 Edge+
Android 7.0
(see images for all other software details).

Anytime app is stopped or account changed, battery notification setting is reset?! I do NOT want to know when my camera is not charging, (as it is charged on a cycle/ timer), but all notifications rest to default position “ON” every time the app is closed/stopped or when I change account and then return. Very annoying.
Basic issue that should not be happening. Please resolve ASAP.

Also, upon return to home (daily), I constantly find the alerts for motion detected are premature and interfering with the single alert I receive to turn the cameras off, (i.e. when I’m back on the home network). This is a constant pain and you should be able to prioritise the home network alert & option to turn off, before I receive lots of other interfering alerts for motion! Maybe get the software to check if I’m on or near my home network before altering me loads of times to motion, as I walk through my own front door!?

Finally, as I use moderate power saving on my viewer phone, I get constant false alerts to activate cameras when my phoned is on standby and the Wi-Fi is automatically muted or paused by my battery saving options/settings. This is a difficult one to solve, but having my phone alert me in the middle of the night because my Wi-Fi has gone to sleep, constantly wakes me and my partner up at all hours. Be nice if you could do something about these false alerts?

Many thanks,
Cheers, Jem.

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
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Hi @jem.pot1,

Thank you for reaching out!

  1. For the moment, Alfred is not able to memorize battery notification setting after you change your account. We will look into the possibility to solve the issue for sure.

  2. & 3. To avoid receiving notification about turning on/off motion detection, please try to disable the Motion Detection Reminders. You can find the option by entering each cameras’ setting on your Viewer Phone.

Hope it helps! Let us know if you need further assistance!


Hi Luke,

Thanks for your reply a few days ago. Great to hear you will try to solve the battery disconnection alert issue.

Unfortunately, you’re solution for problems 2 & 3 are simply inadequate and in fact not solutions at all. To turn off a primary function of the security app obviously creates its own immediate issue - i.e. not being alerted when you’re being broken in to etc, so I would not chose to simply turn alerts off to artificially mute the real issues of problems 2 & 3 that I’ve highlighted.

Do you have any better solutions, preferably along the lines of my suggestion for the app to be coded to firstly check if I’m on my own local home network BEFORE it sends me multiple alerts of me walking through my own door?

Also the issue of the Wi-Fi being disabled during power saving, causing an erroneous motion activation request alert, had not been addressed significantly.

Thanks again four your help thus far, I hope you can offer more encouraging feedback again shortly.



Hi @jem.pot1,

Thank you for reaching back!

Disable the Motion Detection Reminder can help you avoid receiving the notification about turning on/off motion detection when Alfred detect your Camera Phone and Viewer Phone are on the same network or not. Surely we will look into the possibility to have an option to turn off Motion Detection one click while you are at home.

Besides, we encourage you to tap the Lock icon on the bottom right corner after you set up your Camera. It may help you to solve the Problem 3.

Hope it helps! Let us know if you need further assistance!


Hi Luke,

FYI - still getting annoying battery notifications, as the option resets itself everyone I switch accounts. No settings should changed without input!!

Please stop allowing manually chosen settings being changed automatically, without preference or consent! If I turn battery notifications off, they should stay off until I turn them on. Not a difficult principle to understand I hope. Thanks.


Hi Jem,

For now, after your switch the accounts, the notification setting will be reset.

We understand that you might not want to keep receiving battery notifications in this case. Please follow the instructions in the link to turn them off:

Would you like to let us know why you want to swtich your accounts so frequently?



Thanks for the reply. I hope you can find away to save the last used settings on accounts, so switching doesn’t effect irrelevant & unconnected features.

I simply want to switch every now and then, because I have to, in order to fully control a camera in a different circle. It’s very useful and helpful being able to keep different groups of cameras (accounts/circles) separate, but to control each fully, I need to be logged into each account.

I don’t really find this a problem, as it’s very easy and quick to do, it’s just the infuriating settings that keep resetting that are the issue.

I also still have issues with reliability of notifications about logging into and out of my own home wifi. I don’t always get notifications to turn the motion notifications off or on, as the app doesn’t reliably notify me when I’m entering or leaving my network. I can’t utilise the schedule either as I don’t necessarily have a regular routine, and it may create times where the app isn’t recording when the area is empty.

I’d much rather the live notifications be improved to ensure I am ALWAYS notified when I’m entering or leaving home, and ALWAYS asked if I want to turn monitoring on or off. That would be perfect. Thanks again.

P S. It’s also a shame my subscription doesn’t cover HD viewing on all cameras I have permission on - I feel this should be provided, rather than not. Much appreciated and hopefully speak soon.



Hi Jem,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

We noticed that your Cameras are running an older version of Alfred. Would you please visit our Google Play page to update them to the latest version?

Hopefully, this could solve the issues.

Also, regarding the Motion Detection Reminder issue, we’d like to know what you think if we change the trigger conditions from “Same/Different WiFi” to “Same/Different Location”. This would make the Motion Detection Reminder be much more stable, but it also means you have to grant location permissions to Alfred.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!