Battery is dying during the day charging at night

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    My camera continually dies during the day but charges just fine at night. I have changed cables several times and the charger itself. I finally went back to original charger and cable and it still does the same thing. From about noon until about 9pm the phone simply won’t charge. Im not sure why it’s happening. There is nothing installed besides Alfred . The charger is actually taped in place so it cannot come undone. I don’t understand what’s going on. I use the Alfred lock as well. Can someone help me figure it out please??! It goes from being fully charged to about 8%by 9pm and it’ll charge fully again. There is no reason it shouldn’t stay at 100%


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Could you please take a picture of your Camera device, the charger, and the surrounding of where you placed the device? We’d like to figure things out for you.

Sure one sec I can do that for you.

Yes it’s my old broken screen phone. But it’s protected from the sun at evening time. I’m not sure why it’s doing this. It won’t stay charged during the day but times like now it’s completely charged. From about noonish until about 9pm it dies. After 9 it goes back to charging. I don’t get it

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This is when I got home tonight. But now it’s charging again. I don’t understand why it’s doing this. Please help

Could. You offer me some help? I’m absolutely afraid of my phone dying and something bad happening. I have posted everything you have asked for


There are some possibilities:

  1. Power outage at your home. Could you please check if this problem also occurs on other electronic devices?
  2. Charger problems. Do you have a charger with timer?
  3. Device problems. Please try to completely reset the phone to see if that solves the issue. There might be some settings or apps that prevent the device from charging continuously.

Let me know if it works.

If your phone is in the sun during the day it will overheat. It is possible even just the heat from the window, depending how hot it is outside could be enough to cause problems. The first thing the phone does to protect itself is to stop charging. When it cools off it will start charging again.

This was my first thought when you said it charges at night but not during the day.

No I don’t have a charger with a timer. Its plugged in at all times. At night when I’m home. I try to unplug it for a few hours to let it naturally die down and recharge. I haven’t had any power outages at the house either. I’ll try the factory reset again. I could’ve missed something. I don’t think I did but I’ll try again.

Its blocked from the direct sun once the sun hits the front of the house. Its also by the a.c. so it’s defiantly not overheating. if it was I get a red battery light saying thats its too hot to charge. I also took the back off of it as well as the case so it wouldnt get to hot. Ive been taking it off the charger at night for a few hours to let it die and plugging it back in before sleep. I’m not sure what else I could be doing wrong. Its the only phone I’m having issues with.

I also put a screen protector on the front just in case having the broken screen would cause issues. I’ve sliced my fingers enough times as it is using the old broken phone. Lol.

I have the same experiense, or kind of.
I hooked up my Huawei Mate 9 Pro yesterday and keep getting batteri charging warnings and loosing power. I did not have this problem before installing and running Alfred.
Either Alfred uses more power then the charger can provide, or Alfred is blocking charging.
When not using Alfred the phone is charging as expected.
It is also mounted by a window, but not in the sun and with about 12-15 degrees Celsius outside.
I have tried with power saving option as well, but it does not help.

Ok I have done as asked. I still have the same old issue. The battery dies during the day and charges at night. I don’t get it. Factory rest the phone
Nothing on it besides Alfred. No reason to be doing this. I’m my vidoes a only have a few during the day. So the motion sector isn’t on constantly either. I just don’t understand

Try a different socket electrical outlet if there isn’t one close use an extension lead. Then plug a light or other appliance in the socket you use for the camera device and check that it stays on. It’s a long and boring process of elimination.

After reading post after post yesterday I tried to put a timer on the charger, it is set to be on one hour and off one hour. So far this seems to work.
It sounded really silly, but actually helped.
I also turned flight mode on and activated wifi to minimize power consumption.

I have flight mode on. Just use wifi. I’m going to try the extension cord thing and see if I can eliminate possibilities

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