Bank statement decoy summary

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:money_with_wings:bank statement, can I get the summary on my bank statement disguised​:sunglasses: so that the payment won’t show :see_no_evil:as Alfred payment. Something like PayPal fee or a city and state or false order numbers. Sounds shady,:hear_no_evil: don’t want harm to come my way. I use your :trophy:amazing app to record :movie_camera:potential actions that can protect me later. But it’s a joint :restroom:account :moneybag::money_with_wings:and the statement will blow it. I need the :eight_pointed_black_star:premium​:eight_pointed_black_star: service. :fireworks::grey_question::grey_question::grey_question:is there another way I have to use only this account, my every dollar is watched​:eyes::eyes: allowed one form or payment never given cash. If so I would be prepaid. What to do?

Hi @a.leeanalf,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Unfortunately, the payment goes through Google Play Store/App Store/PayPal, and there is nothing we can do to alter how it is displayed on the bank statement.

Sorry we can’t be of more help!

@a.leeanalf there is a way to do this without having the premium payment show on your billing statement. If you can purchase some of the Google play store credits they can be used in lieu of your banking information. Then when asked you can say that they are for a game you play.

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Hi @ghstdrgn15,

Thanks for the reply!

Alfred Premium is a subscription service. As far as we know, Google Play Store doesn’t accept credits for subscription services.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Really wish we could help, but it doesn’t seem possible.

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That’s great that I reached it shows you could help me. I’ll be out of my situation as soon as I can but for now I’m protected thanks again

Ooo darnit. I need the video of the abuse and other activities behind doors that are harmful to have him be held accountable and no he said she said. He’s very charming and I’m sick with unhappy and pain and anyway I guess I’ll take the risk and tell him what I’ve been doing it’s all recorded what can he really lie about a little tears won’t hurt to bad. Thanks for the help guys

Hi @a.leeanalf,

I am most probably not the best person to give you advice here, but please feel free to stick to the free version. I am sure while the resolution isn’t as good as it can be, the footage Alfred captures will be helpful.

Hope this helps!

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That’s exactly what I just told myself. The audit is excellent and that’s really what I need. Enough to provide my defense

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Hi @a.leeanalf,

Best of luck and please stay safe!

You can save the videos to your PC/device by following the tutorial here: