Bad detection of movement


The algoritm to register movement in the picture is bad functioning it doesnt react on a moving car or a walking person 20 meters frpm the camera It overreacts on awinging branches on trees It should be very easy to filter regular movements The picquality is lousy Rhe only good thing is it is very easy to connect
You can better tha that!! Do the homework with rhw picanalyzing otherwise the product will die


Hi @bengt.agert,

Thank you so much for your feedback!

You are right: there is room for improvement when it comes to Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm. Eventually, we would love to make it much more sophisticated than what it is today.

However, I did notice that your Camera is placed in a spot with very poor signal coverage. This means some of the Events might not have been able to make it through properly.

If you want, you can always do an experiment by placing your Camera device somewhere with better signal coverage and see if you have the same problem. In the meantime, please know that we are doing our best to make Alfred better every single day!


I would imagine it would be pretty difficult to develop a flawless product that can accurately control the focus on countless amounts of different cell phone specifications and for the price it is still better quality than i usually see from big name company’s (not speaking about other security camera companys just products in general)


I am having the problem of getting notifications for movement when there is no movement. Can you please allow the “sensitivity” setting to be set even lower than the current “low” setting? Even on low, it is too sensitive. Thank you.