Ayuda por favor

no puedo ver los momentos en mi celular y tampoco puedo iniciar cesion para ver en mi pc por que?

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Boa noite, você pode me ajudar ,no celular deu certo,o APP do Alfred ,mas eu tenho um Nokia Tablet 2520 ele é Windows RT, não conseguo

Hi @michelmorajim,

Thank you for reaching out!

For the moment, Alfred’s Moment folder is not available on the WebViewer yet. Sorry for the inconvenience! Did you know you can download the videos in your Moment folder on your PC tho? Do you think that might help?

Find the instructions here:

Hi @eliasalveslima27,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

For the moment, Alfred is only available for Android and iOS devices. Do you think you might be able to find an extra Android/iOS phone?

Alternatively, you can use the phone you already downloaded Alfred on as Camera and monitor from Alfred’s WebViewer:

Hi @michelmorajim,

I saw on Google Play review that you cannot get notifications on your Xiaomi device. Could you please make sure notifications have been properly enabled?

Please let me know if the issue persists!