Automatic motion detection recording interruption



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My motion detection recording will stop if an object stops moving even if it only for a split second, it does usually begin recording again when the object starts moving again but then there’s multiple videos etc. etc. I have my sensitivity on low cause I don’t want to record every car that drives by or leaf blowing in the wind, could this be why the recording stops? Its kind of annoying cause I see my landlord walk up doesn’t knock and leans towards the door as if to listen then the recording stops and starts again as he was walking away. I was home at the time so I know he didn’t knock but then I had to calculate the time difference between videos to see how long he was standing there. What would be awesome is if you guys integrated some camera tracking so that it would keep recording until the object left the cameras view or stopped moving for over a min or two (so you don’t have a 10min video of someone who just parked the car)

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If you have paid for Alfred, I believe you can set the record time for up to 2 min durations for recording. Hope this helps.



Yes I have the upgrade and it is set for 2 minutes


I believe human detection feature is what your after mostly, I thought you get to set your duration record times to 2min. Meaning each capture was a 2 min video, guess not. Longer detection could possibly be implemented I’m sure.

What is the average record time of these videos you are talking about?
Are you only getting like 15sec - 30sec record times even with 2 min videos installed?


Yes 15 to 30 sec average, some have are a few more seconds longer but they do not exceed no more than 40sec. Also sometimes video will end when the subject is walking away yet still only a few feet from camera. I am just going to delete camera and default the settings and then configure them again. All in all the app works great.


They need to work on the detection alogorythm, or lengthen time before and after record. Not sure which is easiest for them to program. I would send your comments to @ricardo and see if he can send something up the chain of command regarding recording.