Auto Night Vision Setting on Website NOT WORKING


Hello, and I would first like to thank EVERYONE here for this terrific forum and FANTASTIC APPLICATION! I am a brand new user of this application and have a quick question. I am hoping that someone is able to provide me with a simple and easy “step by step” answer.
FIRST, let me provide the following information per your request.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera "CAMERA"
OS Version: (Android KitKat v.4.4.4)
AppVersion: (Alfred Version: 3.8.66, Build 1312)

My question is; When I use the online website viewer at:, I click on the small “Settings” icon in the small window viewer on the top left hand corner, I select “Auto Night Vision” to be turned on. Once I do that, I am basically stuck at that point and cannot continue to do anything on this website. The only option is to click on “CANCEL” at the bottom of the window, but when I do that, it does not save my new setting (to turn on auto night vision). I have tried to click on the “ENTER” button on my keyboard, click on the “Settings” icon again, clicked on the smaller viewer window (above the “Settings” window), and none of those do anything at all. The only option is to click “CANCEL” in order to proceed using the website for what it is meant to be used for. I am totally confused because I have also tried locating this setting on the actual Camera and there is no setting for this. The only place I have found the option to turn ON or OFF the automatic night vision is on the actual website.

Please email me back at your earliest possible convenience since this issue can be called “URGENT”. That is because I have been getting scary sounds at my front door of my home late at night, and I want to place the CAMERA in the window facing my front door outside. But, since this will also monitor ALL movement at my front door outside, I want to use it 24/7, and during the day, lighting is not an issue, but when it is dark at night, the issue of having automatic night vision does become an extremely important factor.

I truly can’t thank you enough for your help, it is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

Hope to hear back soon. In the meantime have a SUPER DAY/NIGHT!!!

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Hi @kjerome153,

Thank you for your support!

Sooo this is embarrassing, but this is something we haven’t got around to fixing yet! Sorry for the inconvenience!

You do have a Viewer device, right? You can enable/disable Auto Low-Light Filter there:

If you need more tips for optimizing Alfred’s Low-Light Filter, you can find them here:

Hope this helps!