Auto low light


Auto low light keeps turning off. I like a minute later its off again.


If the light is changing from not enough to just enough it will do this. I have seen this happen with one of my cameras only a couple times when I had it positioned a certain way in the room.



Thanks for reaching out to Alfred!

Auto Low-Light Filter works by detecting ambient light. When there isn’t enough, Low-Light Filter will be automatically enabled.

When should you enable Auto Low-Light Filter?
When the view of your Camera device is pretty much all dark. For example, if you have a Camera device looking out from your front porch and you don’t mind so much the Events recorded around dawn are less colorful than usual (as it might take a while for the algorithm to detect the difference).

When should you turn Low-Light Filter on/off manually?
When there is enough ambient light, but you are trying to observe a darker spot. For example, if your cat is sleeping in a covered cat bed in broad daylight.

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