Auto Focus & Motion Detection

Alfred is really a great app, I recommended to many friends, and they all love it! BTW, I have few thoughts about the app…At the time your app opened it will adjust the image shortly, it was more clearly in a sudden and then back to vague again…so I’m wondering can we adjust the focus manually? And the motion detection was really sensitive last year, and than though I set it as high sensitive, it didn’t get as much motion recorded as it should, and sometimes though the object is still moving the camera stopped in 5 seconds, but sometimes the accidents happened after 5 seconds…could it be fixed? Many Thanks!

Dear JJ
Thank you so much for the great questions. I think some others may have similar questions so I decided to answer it.

  1. Manual Focus & Auto Focus
    You know what? Auto Focus is a new feature that we recently added in version 948, if I remember correctly. It is designed to make wonders, especially when motion is detected. Would you tell us which phone model is giving you blurry images? It can help us identify the problem sooner.
    Although, I have to admit that sometimes because of auto-focus, our users receive false alarms, but our engineer colleagues are working on it.

  2. About motion detection, we have been optimizing the algorithm to shorten the gap between trigger and video-marking, and to determine if the movement continues. If it continues, then the recording can be as long as 30 seconds. We keep it short because we want to notify you right away!!!

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Thanks for the reply, I already updated to the latest version, but still can’t find a way to to the manual focus. My Version is 3.5.40 1002.

Having this issue with Huawei ideos X3

Same problem with iPhone 5…

Hey @detka_kanfetka,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

We are aware of the situation, and we are trying to correct it.

If we simply turn auto focus off, your videos might turn out very blurry. What we are trying to do is developing manual focus, so hopefully soon you will b able to choose where you want the focus to be.

Hope this helps!

i am having trouble with very blurry video feed was wondering what i could do , or is it something ya all still working on??

Hi @michaelsee42,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

Alfred’s video quality depends on many factors, including device model, light, and Internet connection. If your videos are extremely blurry, it could also be the autofocus not working properly.

If you want, you can always send us a link or two to your Events so we can take a look and give you further advice.

Hope this helps!