Are these"$urvey' moments available to anyone else?



I just want to make sure that if anybody can see any of these recorded surveillances; other than me, that I have to be the one to authorize such an action.


@manixxfeind only you have any access to your video/camera unless you have given your Gmail account details to anyone else or you share a clip or you add someone to your trusted contacts/circle


Thank you for your time. I started reading the forums and came to that conclusion.


@manixxfeind your welcome as for your off line query you could do a screen shot of your health report or wait for the Alfred team as they can check your connection from their side.


Ill wait fir alfred to check connection on his side


It it says this camera is off line.but my phone is working fine


@chrisbyassee have you done a health check ?


Me robaron mi cel quee tenia como camara



First of all, we are very sorry to hear about the theft. Our first piece of advice would be changing your Google password to make sure your account stays safe.

Please download Alfred on another phone or go to Alfred’s WebViewer, log in with the same Gmail account, and you should be able to find the recorded video in your account.

Alfred cannot geo-locate or track the device. However, Google actually has this feature. You can read more about it here:

Good luck finding the device! To give your account extra protection, try Alfred’s Passcode Lock next time:

Best of luck! Let me know how it goes.