[Apartment Security] Advice for Owners, Managers & Residents

## Apartment Security: Advice for Owners, Managers & Residents
by Chris E McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM

Apartment Security Articles

Owning, managing, and living in rental housing can be a challenging experience. Apartment owners have certain legal duties to provide resonably safe rental housing. Apartment residents rely on property owners and managers to a large degree to make the premises resonably safe. An apartment unit should be the sanctuary for you and your family…but is it? Is your family really safe once they get inside your apartment and lock your door?

Apartment Security Expert, Chris McGoey has published a series of original apartment security articles to discuss these issues.

Reprinted with thanks and permission of Chris E. McGoey. Mr. McGoey may be reached at (951) 461-8950 or by visiting www.crimedoctor.com This article may not be copied or republished without the consent of the author.

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