Anyone had every error?

I think I can say I’ve had every error code posted this last 48 hours.
Yet, Alfred on three devices works fine. The Fourth, I cannot connect to. One Camera error showed one device too full! Yet it works just fine.
All show via camera health that connections were lost, yet that isn’t the case at all.

The one device I cannot connect to which gives me 7001 error is clearly working fine.
This device however does not provide push notifications at all.

I’m not impressed frankly. Glitches are glitches. But when they happen when you least need them is very disappointing.
Again, I’ve had every conceivable code error. Yet everything seems to be fine.


Hi ,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!
7001 indicates a connection issue on your Viewer’s side. This mostly happens when the connection between your devices is a relay connection instead of P2P. However, as long as your Camera is connected, it should still be working normally.

We took a quick look at your connection logs, it showed the Camera phone “kitty cam” only got a averagely 20-40% signal reception. If this is the one with the problem, please try to reset it in a different location.

p.s.You might be able to benefit from an app called WiFi Analyzer to give you more insight on how WiFi signal looks in different spots in your place.

Let us know if the problem persists!

Hmmmm the phone by that name is not the problem. Hard to do much of that right now.
Will let you know.
Thank you

There was nothing wrong with my wifi. What in fact happened is that google play failed.

So far I’ve had to factory reset three phones.

Also when I needed, not wanted to upgrade alfred from play store using the alfred upgrade option. It just sent me back to alfreds camera page!

So after I’ve gone through all of this, I’m pretty certain that by next weekend. I’ll have the same message. Please update Alfred on your camera phone???

This is becoming a lot of work frankly.

Thank you


Thanks for reaching back!

If you don’t want to update from the mobile device, please check out here to update the app from your PC:

p.s. Please do not tap on the “upgrade” button, which will lead to the Alfred Premium purchase page.

If I failed to provide the info you need, please tell us a bit more. Any screenshot or video is helpful!

Let me know if this helps!

Figure… Since I’ve never used a comp to view phones, I didn’t know that existed.

Will give it a whirl, thank you.