Anyone else ready to give this butler the boot for laying down on the job


This app has been so shitty lately that Mr Belvedere is about out of chances with me. The last thing I want to worry about is whether or not my free security app wants to work this time or not. Plenty of competition and it can only get better than not working. I don’t need a fat ass Mr Belvedere. Alfred best start looking more like Tony Danza or this POS app will get buried in the furthest reaches of the bat cave.

Alfred must be tired

I mentioned this before but in a slightly different manner, I guess you get what you pay for unless you are a premium subscriber then maybe you get less than you expect.



Could you tell us a bit more about the problem you experience so we can look into it for you?


Ricardo. I have created another post entitled Failing the 2nd chance with flying colors. Or something to that affect. You should check it out. Since you apparently are completely unaware at how inept this Alfred pos app is my other post explains how fed up I am with your application failing to perform any function necessary to it’s actual purpose. Basically this bullshit application has done nothing but waste my time and annoy me. Hell it’s so goid at those things you could probably charge money for it. Smh, done, done, and done with this shit show


Dawg, I can’t even erase a camera because the mfrs won’t even shut down for me to delete them. DEDUCTION!



Please make sure this Camera is offline. Tap on the wheel on the Camera thumbnail, and you will see the option called Delete Camera. If the Camera is online, this option will be greyed out.

We are sorry to hear that you are leaving Alfred. We will continue to improve our application and you are welcome to come back at any time. :slight_smile: Best wishes.