Any timing on a Windows 10 Alfred version release



PC or Laptop (Windows) USB cam as a security camera

I am investigating a camera option for my laptop that can be viewed remotely on my Samsung Galaxy Phone.
I totally love the Alfred strategy and product, and was wondering if you had a windows 10 version in the wings you are likely to release, and if so when possibly that may be either for Beta testing or GA.
Would welcome your response…
Many regards. Rowan.


@rowan.howatt hope you don’t mind Rowan I have sent you an email.


Hi Rowan,

Thanks for your feedback!

For the moment, you can only turn smartphones/tablets into Camera devices and monitor from Alfred’s WebViewer. You can’t use PC webcam as Camera yet. This is something we might develop in the future.


Since many factors have to be taken into consideration, we can’t give you a timeline yet. However, if you are willing to provide more of your thoughts, we will certainly share them with the engineering team. Please stay tuned to the updates. Thank you!