Annoying notification about low charging



Is there way to turn off that annoying notification about stopped camera charging? But only this notification, not any else. I have 100% charged phone but sometimes it goes to 99%-100% and then (in this 1% drop) I get this notification - like 100times a day…

Which device has the problem? Viewer & Camera
Device Model Name: any
OS Version: any
AppVersion: any

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Hi Dawid,

Thanks for visiting Alfred Center!

We’re sorry that the notifications annoy you. Please follow the instructions below to turn off the battery notification.

Please note that devices running on battery often enable power-saving mode and reduce WiFi reception capacity. To ensure continuous surveillance, we suggest you keep your Camera plugged in.

Hope it helps!


Hi, I don’t see this notification options in my iOS app (I have last updated version), how can I turn it off then?


Hi Dawid,

Thanks for reaching out back!

For the moment, this option isn’t available on Alfred’s iOS versions yet. Our engineers are doing their best. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!

Before that, could you try these steps below to see if the situation gets better?

  1. Use charging accessories from the original manufacturers.
  2. Make sure that the charging cable is properly plugged in to your phone and connected to power supply.
  3. Check the charging port of your Camera Phone. A malfunctioning port could trigger tons of charging notifications.

Please let us know if the issue still persists. Thank you for your cooperation.


I think the battery notification would work better if it notified after dropping under a certain threshold, such as 95%. I’m also getting multiple notifications a day, but my battery never drops below 100.

Turning the notification off works fine, but then if you have a real battery issue you’ll never be alerted.

Other than that, I’m very pleased with the app.


Hey Todd,

Thanks for your feedback!

We will take your advice into consideration. Making Alfred a better service is always what we are working on, and we can never accomplish it without your participation.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other idea!


I hve the same problem camera battery drops to 98% while charging and then beeps every minute and sends out false camera not charging notifications I can turn them off in viewer but camera keeps beeping until I pick it up to look at it thrn it stops.