Android N - inconsistent notifications when returning home



of course, after I took the time to post the issue, I received the notification for the first time in a while.
I hope I figure out what’s triggering the issue, if it’s on my end.
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oOps … I’m not getting ANY reminders (to turn on / turn off motion detection) on my viewer device (Nexus 6P). I don’t know if the recent update to Nougat on the Nexus 6P is related.

Alfred notifications are not blocked on my Nexus 6P. Alfred notifications are set to appear silently – definitely not blocked, though.

On the camera device (Moto X 2014), the “Motion Detection Reminders” option is enabled.


Hey @jaylitten!

My bad, my bad, Shortly after I replied to your previous post, my colleagues informed me there is indeed a Motion Detection Reminder bug. It’s been fixed in the new update, which will roll out in a day or two.

So sorry about that! Please stay tuned, update Alfred, and the Reminder should go back to normal!


Thank you for the new information. I look forward to trying the update.


I updated both the camera device (Moto X 2014) and viewer device (Nexus 6P) recently – now, I’m not getting any notifications when I arrive/leave home. :grimacing:

Also, before the update, I noticed that the motion detection was not activated even though I pressed the appropriate button on the notification. I would get home and 1) not receive a notification to turn off motion detection, and 2) walk into the house only to find that motion detection on the camera device was not activated.

Thank you.


bonjours il serait bien de régler le problème des notifications car pas d’alerte quant il y a une détection cordialement


Hi @eric150920,

Thank you for reaching out!

From what we can see on the logs, all the notifications were successfully sent. Could you double-check to make sure your notifications are properly enabled?


I still know, with all my heart, that it would be better to give us a widget for turning on/off the motion detection on all available camera devices.

I wish this was something that Alfred would build finally.


Ever since I’ve been using this app (>1 yr now) this has been the most aggravating issue for me as well. The majority of the time, automatic on/off motion detection works great, but I’d say that at least 15% of the time it doesn’t work at all. And with 5+ cameras using this feature, it gets to be extremely frustrating when it doesn’t work & I have to manually go into each camera’s settings to turn it on/off.

A simple toggle on the main screen in the app, and/or a quick toggle widget would easily remedy this reoccurring issue. Just as long as ONLY the chosen “Smart Mode” cameras are affected by the toggles.

Personally, I’d love to see Smart Mode compatible with IFTTT. That way, all of this would be truly automatic & extremely reliable. It would really take Alfred to the next level.


Hey @motorcyclekopp,

Thanks for your support and feedback!

Do you think shutting notifications off from the main menu would help? Check out 2) in this post:

Also, double-check your Viewer device is properly connected to the Internet all the time. That might be why 15% of the time the Reminder isn’t working properly!

Hope this helps!


Yes I saw that post, but you also wrote there that doing so would “turn ALL notifications on/off regardless of individual device settings” -I always keep at least one of my cameras on motion detection 24/7, so that wouldn’t work for me. I just want control of the cameras that I have Smart Mode turned on for.

My viewer is my main cell phone that is always online via cellular connection and/or Wi-Fi non-stop. So I know that’s not the issue.


Hey @motorcyclekopp,

Thanks for the reply!

Alfred’s Motion Detection Reminder relies heavily on Google Cloud Messaging communication. Occasionally a message does get lost. We took a good look at your logs and saw that you actually have a 95% success rate with the Reminder. Have you always felt the success rate is lower, or is it a recent thing?


It’s always been an issue. It’s already happened 3 times this month alone. Sometimes I have to open the Alfred app for the notification to appear. But usually that doesn’t help. It’s especially annoying when I come home and all the motion detection alerts show up on my phone (showing me) because the on/off notification never showed up.

I have an OnHub router and I have it set up through IFTTT to send me a notification email that says “Welcome Home” whenever I connect to my router. I always (without fail) get the e-mail notification immediately when i connect. So you would think that the Alfred notification should appear around the same time that my OnHub e-mail shows up.


@sunny It literally just happened again… JUST NOW, fyi. I came home, phone automatically connected to Wi-Fi, I got the “Welcome Home” e-mail from my OnHub router via IFTTT, I walked in the door & I got the motion detection alert with me on camera again. No notification ever showed up from Alfred asking me to turn Motion Detection off.


Hey @motorcyclekopp,

Another possible reason is your devices are on different subnets. There isn’t a lot you can do about that tho. Sorry for the inconvenience!


@sunny I checked and they are all under the same subnet.


Keep having same issues here and also no Notification now either. :frowning:


same here its all happening on 7.1 and up . i keep having to downgrade to 6.0 just to fix it


I have the same issues with notifications. Have tried everything same thing. I will get notifications after the app loads.


On 7.1.1 (Moto E 4 Plus) I have an issue with notifications.
After about 30 minutes of phone inactivity I don’t get instant notifications (motion detection / power off are not pushed at all) and “out of home reminders” are kind of delayed or missing too.
I’ve white listed Alfred on my “doze” battery settings but this doesn’t help (however for other “old-style” apps it does: according to 7.1.1 documentation it seems like different way of notification wakeup should be used but I don’t understand why Alfred cannot push notification even with battery optimization off?)
I’m on latest build of Alfred app (1536) both viewer and camera.
Would be great if it can work on my moto E the same as other devices.



I’ve found workaround: installing third-party application for macro creation (automatization) (in my case MacroDroid).
The hint is: the screen has to be waked up every 25 minutes while no operation and not charging (while charging there’s no issue).
It even doesn’t affect moto-display (it’s not cancelled by waking up the screen like with pressing the power button).
It’s not enough to wake up device without screen on.
And, the battery optimization has to be turned off for Alfred app.
I’ve confirmed this for other phone with Android 8 and different brand with Android 7 and it seems it’s some aggresive battery saving mode in “newer” Androids.
However I don’t see any drastic battery drain - so can live with this.
Hope it’ll be helpful for somebody.