Always together


Since you asked to share stories, here is our bedtime story. And a disclaimer upfront: Not with this account!

My wife and I had always a very active sex life. But since last year we are separated from each other at least two weeks per month, because of her new and much better paying job.

So, as she travels, she travels not alone. Her boyfriend Alfred is going with her on every trip. And as soon as she arrives, he starts watching her… And tru his eyes, I’m watching her too.

And vice versa. We both have a camera and on or regular phone a viewer. And I can tell you, it works great. Perhaps that is also because I haven’t told my wife that recordings stay on your cloud for seven days. Me, I don’t care if a Alfred Employee or employees see me buttnaked.

It’s a whole new sexual experience. We feel like 20 years old again.
And it proves that you at Alfred’s are a decent group of people, because our videos are after a year of regular sexual escapades over your camera service, still not trending on pornhub.

We thank you for connecting us and for your excellent customer care