Allow Google accounts with no Gmail attached


I’d like to add a Google account that does NOT have Gmail attached. By this, the account in question signed up for a Google account but attached their own email address to the account as the account name/login.

When I try and add this account to my trust circle, I get the following message: or is required.”

Is there (or could there be) any way round this? A Google account is a Google account, regardless of whether there’s a Gmail account attached.

Thank you for your consideration.



Thank you for letting us know what you think!

Since Alfred adopts Google login, for the moment Alfred only accepts accounts. If you have privacy concerns, you can set up a new Gmail for Alfred. It takes one minute, and you will be able to make Alfred work immediately!

We will also look into the possibility of offering more log-in methods in the future. Please stay tuned to future updates!

Let us know if you have any other question/feedback!



Thanks for your response, I appreciate it.

My point is that you can have a Google account without also having a Gmail inbox attached to it. For example, I can go create a brand new Google account right now and use my existing (non Google) email address to create this new Google account. If I do this, I get to use all Google services (Google: Drive, Photos, Maps etc etc) and can even sign into an Android phone, Chrome browser, and Chromebook and have my Google account load onto them. I can also sign into any other website that requires a Google account to work. In this scenario, I just use my non-Google email address as the account name and sign in.

However, ‘Alfred’ seems insistent on a Gmail account existing and I can’t work out why? Why specifically a Gmail account? Surely just a Google account will do? Does Alfred even reference the actual Google Mailbox (Gmail)?

Just to be clear: I’m not trying to log in with a non-Google account. But the Google account I’m trying to login with does NOT have a GMail account attached and the username I login with is a third-party email address.


Also, creating a Gmail account just to use with Alfred is horribly inefficient. For starters, you’ve got one more account to worry about. And in order to use the Alfred app on a Google device (for example, an Android phone, or a Google Chromebook) you have to sign into that specific account on the device which then adds the new ‘Alfred’ Google account to all the Google services on the phone which causes a mess.

So what I’m asking (pleading) for is to add an option to login with a Google account, not a Gmail account :slight_smile:
Thanks for listening.



Hi Ben,

Thank you for keeping us posted!

We do have thought about letting our users log in with third-party email addresses besides, but since many factors have to be taken into consideration, we can’t give you a timeline yet.

However, we will definitely discuss your idea with our team so that they can understand why our users wish for this feature. You are welcome to share more of your thoughts with us here at any time.

Have a nice day!


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