All videos don't have any move object captured



The new version can get motion detect notify, but all videos don’t have any move object captured. Just the camera started too late for a move object.

My camera phone is Moto G 2nd with Android 6.

This is a video

Please help to fix it.


Hey @sherman.shank,

Thanks for reaching out!

We checked the Event. It doesn’t seem like a car drove right past your house, so if the car is farther away for the Camera device’s point-of-view, it is indeed possible that Alfred wouldn’t be able to capture the entire sequence.

Could you maybe try to set Alfred up in a different location to see if things improve?


all the previous version are works well. I can see all cars pass the road and people walk on my driveway. now, even my family walk through driveway, nothing can record!!!.

I tried the other app, this works very well. I can get a lot of notifies everyday when cars and people pass front of my house,

Please fix this problem. thanks.


Yesterday I tested apk. I passed in front of her 8 times. I was seen 2 times. Instead I received about 150 fake notifications.
No moving body. When to go, do not go !
When there are not events, sends warnings !

Ieri am testat apk. Am trecut prin fața ei de 8 ori. Am fost văzut de 2 ori. În schimb am primit cam 150 de notificări false. Nici un corp care se deplasează.
Cînd trebuie să meargă, nu merge !
Cînd nu sînt evenimente, trimite avertizări !



Thank you for downloading Alfred and joining us at Alfred Center!

First of all, were you in the middle of a live view session when you were walking past by the Camera? For the moment, Alfred’s Motion Detection does not work during live view sessions.

Second of all, could you make sure your Motion Detection is properly enabled?

Last but not least, is your Camera device set up somewhere light and shadow change a lot? Alfred’s Motion Detection detects differences between this frame and the next. Therefore, drastic light/shadow changes would also be captured. You can try a different setup or lower the sensitivity level to see if it helps.

Please keep me posted!