All cameras on paid account not working



version 3.15.1
I have a paid account that will not allow cameras to login. I get error 3004 on each camera. I have updated to latest version, I have logged out and back in to Alfred as well as google. I have removed the google account from multiple cameras and added back but still each camera logs in for a split second and logs right back out multiple times before giving error 3004.
My viewer is logged into the same account and can see the cameras are not connected with the error 5016 device is offline.
I can use the same cameras and login with a free account and all is well. Only having issues with paid account. Need fixed ASAP.


@adamking904 welcome to Alfred.


@adamking904 as I have said before you do all the work and pay a premium for the hassle.


Hi Adam,

We are sorry for the issue. It seems that your devices had been logged out on Alfred and got a temporary login-error. Here are the debugging steps you can try:

  1. Make sure to update Alfred to the latest version on each device.
  2. Turn WiFi off and back on again on each device.
  3. Make sure the date and time are correct.
  4. Reboot every device.
  5. Launch Google on PC > log in to your account > choose My Account > Sign-in & Security > App with account access > Tap on Manage Apps > find Alfred, and choose REMOVE ACCESS.
    ※After disconnecting the app from google account, you will be asked to give permissions when you launch Alfred again. Grant them and you should be able to log in.

Let us know if this helps!