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Hi Sunny.

Yes, it is setup on both.
Now, I can’t seem to get that notification to show up when I got home so the sensors now detect both of us.

Her phone was never able to switch on and off the motion detection, just mine. It’s been that way since I stop Alfred a few months ago.


Hey @vegamanx,

Thank you for the reply.

Oops, sorry I didn’t make myself clear. You have to tap on the wheel on the Camera thumbnail to enable Motion Detection Reminder on each Camera. If your wife is logged in on the same account as yours, she should be able to change the settings as well. Would you be able to send me a screenshot of the settings she sees when she taps on the wheel of the camera thumbnail?


I am using iOS; since updating to Alfred 1.9.4 I don’t receive notifications. Motion detection recording is working. Notifications are on in cameras and viewer.



Hi @aheldman,

Thank you for reaching out!

Could you go to Settings – Alfred – Notifications, and make sure they are allowed on your Viewer Phone?

Please let me know if this resolves the issue!


Notifications are allowed. That’s not it.


Hi @aheldman,

Thanks for the reply.

We took a closer look. It seems like you muted the notifications from your old iPhone 6+, which is why you haven’t been receiving notifications from this particular Camera.

Could you check if that’s the case? Update Alfred on this device, re-enable notifications, and see if the problem persists.

Hope this helps!


Thanks but that’s not it either. There are periods of more than 24 hours where notification is on, motion detection recordings are made, but notifications are issued.

I have subsequently tried running the camera devices in guided access mode in case another app was interrupting them; that seems to cause a different issue which is that the camera Devices in guided access mode fail to reconnect when they lose wifi.

All in all Alfred seems like a good idea but not nearly stable enough to serve as a security system.


Hi @aheldman,

Thank you for the reply.

I am sorry to hear this doesn’t seem like the issue, either. I actually have an iOS Camera running in my place in Guided Access mode, and it is as stable as can be.

I’d encourage to keep experimenting with Alfred. There are many ways to switch notifications on/off. Maybe the setting isn’t quite right in one place.

Please keep me posted if you have further questions!


One camera keeps switching to a black picture – if I go to it and kill/restart the app, it works again.
Notifications are intermittent – no discernable reason why they stop.


Is motion detection only on from 7:00am to 5:00pm? We do not get motion detection on night time?


Hi @dekmund12,

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Are you monitoring an outdoor scene with only ambient light? If that’s the case, it is possible for Alfred to have problems detecting movement once the sun goes down. Please consider adding some light to the area as well as enabling Auto Low-Light Filter for better results at night:

Hope this helps!


Nice software but I get a lot of false alarm when the sun shine and then some cloud etc. Is it possible to detect people and send notification when people are detected?



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Mine does that too. It’s annoying.


I use Alfred in a window, pointing out into a yard with trees and such. I get CONSTANT motion notifications. Since motion appears to be the only way to record footage, I kind of need it, but something like being able to define areas to monitor (the driveway and path, but not where branches will stay in the wind) would be extremely helpful.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for providing your feedback to make Alfred a better service!

The feature you mentioned is something we plan to develop in the future. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


Is Alfred able to send push notifications from camera at home to my phone in my office?


Hi Peter,

Welcome to Alfred Center!

Yes, we are! Please make sure notifications have been enabled in the app:

In the meantime, make sure you have allowed notifications from Alfred on your device.

Let us know if you need further assistance!


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