All about Motion Detection/Notifications



home security system with Motion Detection

Basic Setting

Motion Detection

Motion Detection not working

1. Make sure Motion Detection has been turned on

Quick check-up to make sure whether MD functions normally

  • Close the live session during the test. (Alfred’s Motion Detection doesn’t work when there is a live session going on.)
  • Make some movements in front of Camera and check if you are seeing a recording sign on the top right corner.
  • Check if you receive a notification on your Viewer
  • Check if you can find the Events in your Event Book.

2. Check your connection on Viewer/Camera

What Alfred does when an Event is generated is uploading a snapshot first. In a few seconds, the video should follow. If the Internet is cut off before the video can be uploaded, however, only the snapshot will be available.

3. Your Camera is running out of internal storage space

  • Free up some space for app.
  • Clear up some internal memory.
  • Reboot your Viewer/Camera.

4. The device overheats and stops Motion Detection mechanism from working normally

  • Use charging accessories from the original manufacturers.
  • Use a charger with a timer.
  • Unplug the device for a couple of hours a day if you can.
  • When you don’t need Motion Detection, disable the Camera from your Viewer with Alfred’s Remote Switch

False Alarm

1. Set the sensitivity to medium or low

Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm decides if there has been “movement” by comparing one frame with the next. As a result, light/shadow changes could indeed trigger recording.

2. Add something above your Camera to cover the lens to reduce light/shadow changes

3. Position your Camera in a different location/angle to find the best setup

The recording time is too short

1. Set the sensitivity to high

2. Position your Camera in a different location/angle to find the best setup

Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm determines how long the recording is depending on the movement. In order to keep you notified as soon as something happens, the recording is kept at a length between 5 and 30 seconds. (5 and 120 seconds for Premium users) If the movement continues, it will be broken into multiple clips.

Motion Detection Notification

No MD notification

1. Make sure notification has not been turned off / muted

2. Make sure notifications from Alfred has been allowed

  • Go to System Setting on Viewer.
  • Choose “App”> “Alfred”>"Notification ".
  • Enable the option of allowing notifications from Alfred.
  • Tap “General” and make sure the settings look the same as the screenshot below

See the screenshot

3. Check the connection of Viewer

When the motion has occurred but the connection of your Viewer Phone is not stable, Alfred will not resend the notifications.

4. Lock Alfred in the background

5. Disable battery optimizing on Alfred

  • Go to System Setting > “App” > “Alfred”>“Battery”
  • Turn on the option of “Allowing the app to run in the background”

See the screenshot


  • Choose “Battery Optimization” (If you did not find the option above)

See the screenshot

  • Switch to the “All apps” list from the drop-down to see all of the apps on your device.
  • Exclude Alfred from the Doze feature.

See the screenshot

Motion Detection Reminder (MDR)

MDR not working

1. Make sure MDR has been enabled

  • Turn on Motion Detection(MD) and MDR on your Camera
  • Connect your Camera and Viewer to the same network connection.
  • Turn off MD on the camera
  • Connect your Viewer to another network connection.
  • Wait to see whether you receive the notification reminding you to enable MD.
  • Turn on MD on Camera.
  • Connect your Viewer to the same connection with your Camera.
  • Wait to see whether you will receive the notification reminding you to disable MD.

2. Lock Alfred in the background (for Android 8.0 device, Huawei, Xiomi, Oppo)

3. Disable battery optimizing on Alfred (for Android 8.0)

Motion Detection Schedule (MDS)

I have subscribed to Alfred Premium. Why can't I use the feature?

1. Make sure all devices have been updated to the latest version

App version supported for MDS:

  • Android: 3.14.06 and up
  • iOS: 1.12.0 and up

2. Relaunch or re-login Alfred.

MDS not working

1. Make sure the changes have been saved successfully

2. Check your Camera’s connection

If your Camera’s connection dropped at the time which you’ve scheduled to turn on/off MD, the setting would not be applied.

3. Check the date/time setting

You might have changed the date/time on your device after you set up the schedule. This would cause the feature to function abnormally. Please set up the schedule again to fix this issue.

4. If you have iOS Camera

Please allow the notification on your iOS Camera. (System Settings > Notifications > Alfred and Allow Notifications.) To disable the notification on iOS Camera would interfere with Motion Detection Schedule’s operation.

Need further assistance? Go back to the list of frequently asked questions, check out the tips, start a new thread, or fill out the issue report form!

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Hello from Austria!
Alfred is really great but for my purpose something is missing. I would like to guard my horses at night. Motion detection is nice but costs a lot of data traffic. I use a SIM card and send the data via my mobile phone because there is no WiFi at the open stable (because its a stable!) This is quite expensive. So I try to switch on/off motion detection every evening/morning manually. It is not possible to use your Reminder because I do not live there (I told you it’s a stable). It would be great if the camera could save the videos (offline) and only send them on request. It also would be great to have a clock timer which switches the motion detection on and off.
Thank you for your great service!
Kind regards


Hey @barbara.szivacz,

Thank you so much for reaching out!

It is true that Alfred’s Motion Detection Reminder wouldn’t work if your Camera is not connected to WiFi. Do you need Motion Detection to be on the entire night? If not, you can try our Remote Switch:

We have given offline Motion Detection some thought, and we would like to make this feature available in the future. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


For some reason, I am no longer getting the reminder to enable motion detection. My camera is a Nexus 5, the viewer is a Nexus 5X. They are running different versions of Android, but the same version of Alfred. Any suggestions?


Hi @sneaky.recon,

Thank you for reaching out!

We have indeed noticed some abnormalities with Motion Detection Reminder recently. We are really sorry for the inconvenience! We are doing our best to look into the problem. Hopefully we’ll be able to fix it soon!


What’s the best way to setup the viewer phones if there’s two? My issue is that I receive motion detections when I’m not at home but my wife is (she’s trigger the camera’s motion detection). How should her phone be setup to also have the notification reminder window pop up to disable motion detection? Her phone doesn’t show any reminders and she does have the app installed. And then I have to mute multiple phones as she moves around the house and triggers them.

Also, is it possible to change the duration of muting? 1 hour and 8 hours is a big difference! :slight_smile:

I’m running Android phone (OnePlus 1) and she’s got an IPhone 7+. We both have my gmail account setup on both phones.



Hi @vegamanx,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

Is Motion Detection Reminder enabled on your wife’s phone?

My advice is for you to ignore the Reminder when you leave the house. When she leaves the house, she can turn Motion Detection on when she receives the Reminder. That way, you will start getting notifications as well (in other words, don’t mute/turn off notifications on your phone).

Could you look into it and let me know if it helps?


Hi Sunny.

Yes, it is setup on both.
Now, I can’t seem to get that notification to show up when I got home so the sensors now detect both of us.

Her phone was never able to switch on and off the motion detection, just mine. It’s been that way since I stop Alfred a few months ago.


Hey @vegamanx,

Thank you for the reply.

Oops, sorry I didn’t make myself clear. You have to tap on the wheel on the Camera thumbnail to enable Motion Detection Reminder on each Camera. If your wife is logged in on the same account as yours, she should be able to change the settings as well. Would you be able to send me a screenshot of the settings she sees when she taps on the wheel of the camera thumbnail?


I am using iOS; since updating to Alfred 1.9.4 I don’t receive notifications. Motion detection recording is working. Notifications are on in cameras and viewer.



Hi @aheldman,

Thank you for reaching out!

Could you go to Settings – Alfred – Notifications, and make sure they are allowed on your Viewer Phone?

Please let me know if this resolves the issue!


Notifications are allowed. That’s not it.


Hi @aheldman,

Thanks for the reply.

We took a closer look. It seems like you muted the notifications from your old iPhone 6+, which is why you haven’t been receiving notifications from this particular Camera.

Could you check if that’s the case? Update Alfred on this device, re-enable notifications, and see if the problem persists.

Hope this helps!


Thanks but that’s not it either. There are periods of more than 24 hours where notification is on, motion detection recordings are made, but notifications are issued.

I have subsequently tried running the camera devices in guided access mode in case another app was interrupting them; that seems to cause a different issue which is that the camera Devices in guided access mode fail to reconnect when they lose wifi.

All in all Alfred seems like a good idea but not nearly stable enough to serve as a security system.


Hi @aheldman,

Thank you for the reply.

I am sorry to hear this doesn’t seem like the issue, either. I actually have an iOS Camera running in my place in Guided Access mode, and it is as stable as can be.

I’d encourage to keep experimenting with Alfred. There are many ways to switch notifications on/off. Maybe the setting isn’t quite right in one place.

Please keep me posted if you have further questions!


One camera keeps switching to a black picture – if I go to it and kill/restart the app, it works again.
Notifications are intermittent – no discernable reason why they stop.


Is motion detection only on from 7:00am to 5:00pm? We do not get motion detection on night time?


Hi @dekmund12,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

Are you monitoring an outdoor scene with only ambient light? If that’s the case, it is possible for Alfred to have problems detecting movement once the sun goes down. Please consider adding some light to the area as well as enabling Auto Low-Light Filter for better results at night:

Hope this helps!


Nice software but I get a lot of false alarm when the sun shine and then some cloud etc. Is it possible to detect people and send notification when people are detected?



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