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Not enough ambient light, plug in a night light or USB striplight RED for low effective light.


What a great idea! I love connections! I’ll post how it goes! Thanks @Lecram


Would a red light bulb work? There is a book case headboard with a night. I wondered if I change the appliance bulb to a red one, would that work?


It should work, You could also leave bedroom door open and leave hallway light on, then position Alfred so he picks up your child and the light in behind. Experiment with this, it’s easier than it sounds.

Alfred works on light rays if you can bear with me, it also triggers when those light rays are broken, using shades black and white more than motion of body. It’s still triggering on the motion, don’t get me wrong. The black white exposure shows better than body movement sometimes. Think of images in black and white when positioning, if that makes any sense. High Contrast items versus Low Contrast items.

In 1 scenario I shoot just the object with ambient light somewhere in room, Alfred will only pick up what light rays are actually being absorbed by the object


In scenario 2 I shoot the doorway with object in line somewhere, and Afred refocuses persay to see a direct light and objects around it and all the various items in view and how much they absorb and show off light signatures.

I hope that made any sense… @robbinsfamily1.rr


I purchased a rope light. Its 16ft long but I can always cover part of it up.

It looks good. And my son said it’s not too bright! Thank you so much! Alfred is our best friend app!

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Awesome, looks cool too.

I must CAUTION Ropelights get hot, I think they are outdoor use, possible Fire Hazard. I could be wrong. Ropelights I find are expensive too… Like $30

Wal-mart, Target, The Source, Best Buy, Canandian Tire… They all Sell USB LIGHT STRIPS, they change 3-4 different colors too by a button switch

Return rope light and say it gets to hot, not what you thought it was, too dangerous for your son. They should return for you no problem.

GOOD LUCK… @robbinsfamily1.rr


Im going to look on line as walmart only carried the rope lights. All I could find was a 16ft rope light.


Any local PC store too will have, amazon probably would be cheapest too. @robbinsfamily1.rr


Ordered from amazon. 9.99. We will see how it goes and post more info next week. We did put the rope light on a timer so it only works 12 hours at night and I have checked it at night and it does not get hot but we’ll see how things go with the new light.


@robbinsfamily1.rr well now we are spending cash to try and make Alfred work as a proper IP camera device why not just purchase an IP camera device ?


@robbinsfamily1.rr there is no need for extra string lights or PIR sensors no need to rewire your USB connection to try and get your device to work without the battery in place. Surely once you have to start spending money then that defeats the whole purpose of an app such as Alfred. Just get yourself a little IP camera from your favourite market website the price of these devices are now very favourable, most users on here with their old iPhones and LG L20 Samsung galaxy S6 S7 and 8’s could sell them on and just purchase 2 or more proper built for purpose IP cameras with IR night vision and not have to update it every week or two.


@Lecram Good day to you. If you would like to email me I have an idea to share.
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