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First thing first: both the Viewer and the Camera have to be connected to the Internet for Alfred to work. Sometimes you may think both of your devices are properly connected, yet you experience connectivity problems. Don’t worry. You might find the answer here!

Common Cases for Connectivity Issue

I’ve entered the live session, but…

Black screen / No Image Comes Out

Check camera stats

Tap on the triangle next to “Network status” and see if the numbers keep changing.


1.The number is changing

This mostly happens when (1) the speed is too slow or (2) the connection between your devices is a relay connection instead of P2P. Please start a new session and wait for at least 15 sec to see if the problem persists or just try to connect to a different network (office network, free WiFi…)

2. The number is not changing:

  • Check the Viewer’s connection
    Choose another WiFi, 4G, or a more stable internet connection to check if you can get rid of the disconnection. You may also try our WebViewer to watch the Camera live feed. If any of these works, it might indicate that there is a network issue on your Viewer Phone.

  • Reboot Alfred on both Viewer and Camera

  • Re-Login, Clear Cache and Data on Both Device

※ Re-login:
Please tap on the menu, choose Account, then confirm you want to log out. You will be led back to the login page.
※ Clear Cache/data:
Go to Settings – Apps – Alfred – Storage (for devices running Android 6.0 and up). Clear cache/data and try again.

  • Factory Reset
    In some rare instances, other apps could interfere with Alfred’s operation. Performing a factory reset could be an option when all else fails. (Reset for AndroidiOS)
It Keeps Asking to Reconnect

Alfred always tries to establish a direct, or P2P connection, which works better in most cases. However, due to reasons such as firewall or operator limitations, it isn’t always available. This might cause a dialogue popping up every few minutes asking if you want to reconnect when you are watching live feeds.

When a connection cannot be established in P2P manner, Alfred tries to set up a different type connection and has the data relayed through an intermediate server which is reachable by both sides. Think of a relay connection as a detour. However, the server has limited capacity. To ensure all Alfred users share the same user experience, it is designed to be disconnected every few minutes.

I Am Asked to wait 20 sec (1016)

Alfred does not offer concurrent/simultaneous viewing just yet. If you see “Still closing previous connection. Please wait for 20 seconds and try again (1016),” please make sure all sessions on your other Viewers, Trust Circle Viewers, or WebViewer have been terminated before trying again. What’s more, please choose the
Access Priority setting that works best for you:

I can’t enter live session / Camera is offline (7007/7010)

Step 1 -- Run a Camera Health Check

Check out how here

Step 2 -- Check your Camera Device

If you failed to wake up Camera by tapping the yellow circle or wake-up button on Viewer phone. The only way to bring back Camera is to regain physical access to the device.

Common Reasons for Camera Offline

1. The reception on Camera side is unstable

2. The Power key or the Home key is pressed

Most manufacturers have no idea their devices might one day become security cameras. They think that since you press the power key, you are putting your phone to sleep mode or standby mode. Therefore, the phone tries to save some battery by shutting down the cameras and reducing WiFi reception.

What about the home key? If you press the home key, you exit the app. Alfred doesn’t work in the background. By exiting the app, Alfred cannot stay connected and receive commands from the Viewer device.

3. Sign-in error due to disconnection or a temporary glitch

  • Relaunch Alfred
  • Try different network
  • Make sure the date and time on Viewer and Camera are the same
  • Clear the cache on the device and re-login Alfred with Google Play service (Click “Sign in with Google” on the login page)
  • Remove Alfred as a Connected App through Google

Launch Google - log in to your account - choose My AccountSign-in & SecurityApp with account access – Tap on Manage Apps– find Alfred, and choose REMOVE ACCESS.
※After disconnecting the app from google account, you will be asked to give permissions when you launch Alfred again. Grant them and you should be able to log in.

4. Crash

Various possibilitie(OS, hardware…etc) may cause the app to crash. For iOS device as Camera, please try Guided Access to ensure your Camera not deter by other application and can reboot Alfred after the crash.

If none above helps, please try factory reset to optimize the Camera’s performance

Need further assistance? Go back to the list of frequently asked questions, check out the tips, start a new thread, or fill out the issue report form!

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