Alfreds Demise


Dear old Alfred recording his own demise.
Caution very sad to watch.

Just on my way out when I discovered him in a comma. Had to resuscitate again. I think I will have to put a do not resuscitate notice on him if it happens to often as I feel like it might be cruel to prolong the inevitable.


Have not had this issue.


I haven’t had this particular issue before but 7007 covers a multitude of sins I guess.


Hey Dave,

That looks strange. Could you provide the links to the last few videos?


Just took a look. It would seem so.


Last two are just snapshots


I still see this as an isolated glitch.


I’m not saying it’s Alfred par sa, just when it happens for whatever reason it’s damn inconvenient.


Indeed, I would still chalk it up to old hardware. Isolated to this one as far as I can tell… I can go round and round with you. Lol. Stubborn Danish/German here…


You could probably be right, I thought Alfred was designed to run on older hardware ?? Would be a shame if you need the latest devices to utilise Alfred proficiently. I have been asking for an Alfred lite version with just the camera and none of the bells and whistles to help reduce the strain on the older devices that some of us less well off users use.


Not necessarily the old phones (though there will come a time they must be retired) but rather an issue in the software/hardware of that make phone. I would have to do hands on testing myself to get an answer there.


I guess what I’m really saying is that a standalone IP camera runs a minimal Linux code in sandbox, Alfred runs on top of Android with thousands of lines of code. The equation doesn’t bode well for Alfred in that respect. I do use Alfred but I don’t expect him to perform anything like a standalone IP camera which is why I don’t complain when he fails I just fix him but for an average user this could be too much.


Have to remember… MOST users are not technical minded. Plug and play style is what they need. IP cam are for at least a moderate tech mind. For us naturally techy… what seems SO simple and obvious boggles the averagen (Alfred) users.


for us it’s normally a bad wifi connection. I’ve gotten vids of things at odd times when I thought it was. Off. Not totally disappointed though. Ie, wife relieving some stress which was awesome nothing educated us men more than watching a woman alone in pleasure. And then no vids of times I really would have like known what took place at our front door.


Not sure when you purchased your last IP camera but manufacturers make it as easy as possible to set up your own new and very affordable IP camera nowadays just by pushing a button and scanning a QR code. Imagine a fully functional WiFi enabled IR night vision HD security camera with no ads, up and running in seconds, No need to worry about exploding batteries or Google peeping at you. And if you have a old Android phone like maybe a Galaxy 7 you could sell it on the second hand market and buy 4 decent IP cameras. I thought it was going to be more but that S7 that cost £700 is now worth £100, I guess they weren’t a great investment but they could be valuable one day if they are kept long enough.
Good day


It’s a recuring theme. Videos when you don’t want like clouds bushes and other bushes. And none when you want like people at the door, burglars breaking in and infidelity ! I thought infidelity was a song from the Fame TV series.


Yep lol it’s funny how just trying to have a basic security setup. With this forum learning I’m not alone as a somewhat responsible freak.


I dont get rid of my old tech… too much use for them. A cell phone is never an investment. Lol. You really are drastically overestimating the brain power of average people… lol.


Hopefully the “person only” rids us of never ending recordings of a breeze in the leaves and nothing in general whilst NOT getting the people or things moving that SHOULD be caught.


I have a question. Why does it require WiFi on the camera if it’s an Active cell phone with cellular coverage. My camera travels and two weeks ago got offline in Cali. Where all the action was I’m sure. Highly inconvenient since I’m at a crossroad and stupid as it may be … looking to Alfred for the reiteration that I should go. Knowing that I’m a dumbass already but still need proof. Anyway,why WiFi?? Or am I wrong ?