Alfred's 100 Poses: Be Creative!


Heavy-duty laundry pegs aren’t just good for laundry – they are also perfect for Alfred! Superhero Kelly Glenn turned two laundry pegs into a stand for her Alfred. How great is that?!

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Alfred on YouTube!
Using the app as a sound recording device only
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My Alfred Memories - Share Your Superhero Story
My Alfred Memories - Share Your Superhero Story

Alfred is solar-powered! Does it get more environmentally-friendly than this?

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Superhero Német Richárd shared this amazing setup with us. What a genius way of keeping Alfred charged!

Check out the few solar-charging options we found for you. Have you tried anything similar? What is your experience like?

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Campo visual de la camara
Solar panel to get autononus power for the camera

We are guessing someone set Alfred up to guard an office building. Here is a question for you Superheroes: how do you think the pouch is stuck to the wall?

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Thumb tack bottom right corner. More than enough to hold the rest in place against the corner. Very clever.


Wow, sharp eyes!!! How did we miss that?


Haha, sharp as a tack! :wink:

Wow, you’re sure up late too!


Oh, I am an owl.
You know what? That makes me the first one to find out how the phone was attached to the wall. Yeepee!!


Love the owls😂. Oh, and I love This app. Just downloaded it tonight upon the suggestion of an associate on our Android forum (didn’t want to selfishly advertise so I’ll leave the site URL off). I will definitely be spreading the word about how cool this is.


No, no, no, no, no, please tell us. You are not being selfish. Please let us know where people are talking about Alfred and we always want to get more feedback! @KeithKatz, please, please, please!!!

Look, we just found this today.


Ok then… Here’s the post from our news section…

My reply is under the user name FoxKat and I’m a SuperModerator on the site as well.


Oh My Goodness, Your Royal Highness the SuperModerator, it is such a privilege to meet you!!! You are the exact kind of superheroes we have been looking for.

I love your review/reply. Do you think it is appropriate for me to leave a comment?


I like the screenshot with your hand. We are developing Alfred HD right now. Any chance that you may be interested in becoming our beta tester?


Why sure. I’d love to. You can email me at your convenience. Thank you so much for the offer.


We would be delighted with your presence and membership. We would also be happy to have you interact with us on the forum. We do have a policy regarding self-promotion and so we should touch on that in email. Since we have a developer program it would benefit your company to consider becoming an approved developer or an approved vendor.


Please tell me how!!!

a policy regarding self-promotion

I know, and I have no intention to violate it, while at the same time I really want to introduce Alfred to more people.


We can certainly get all those questions answered to your satisfaction and get you fully vested on our site. Yours is such a cool app and provides a great use for old phones. It meshes week with our whole community. Let’s chat on our forum once you become a member. It’s free and we have several hundred thousand candidates (members), who may find it potentially interesting.


Dear Irene, Your system prevented me from replying the other night saying I had exceeded post allowances for my first day.

Please check my replies on the forum at


Who would have thought guitar strings make a perfect stand for Alfred?! If you have a guitar on display, give it a go sometime!

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This is so creative!!! And I love the new colors.


Found my gold mine