Alfredd didn't catch my thief

A few nights ago my vehicle was broken into. Over 5000 in tools I use for my business was taken. This was not caught on camera. In fact it shows a vehicle pass by and slow down. Then the next clip shows the vehicle drive off. The nighttime video is so poor and I use very nice Android device. Other apps the sound is great and video far superior to alfredd. I regret trusting alfredd. I knew my vehicle was a Target to neighborhood thieves. I believed Alfred would help. The video is useless and the crime not even caught. It looks as if a car stopped on my street then drove off. Nothing more. I know it will never happen but this the owner’s of this app should have to pay me 5000. What if it were gun toting psychopaths? Then they would never have been seen. So much for piece of mind. Don’t waste your security and piece of mind with this app. Luckily I had ordered a real installation from a reputable company that delivers a proper product. I needed a few days of security until ADT came. I still use Alfred to know when to let the dog back in. It’s no good to me otherwise.