Alfred working offline saving pics and video into sd card


Alfred could work in “offline” mode when it can not connect to internet. The videos and photographs catches could be stored in the phone memory and transfer to the internet later when the connection was restored.


Hi @danielaurelli01,

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We are actually looking into the possibility. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


Hi… i just started using Alfred, it’s great but imho, having an ‘offline recording and then sending upon reconnection’ feature is essential… has it been implemented yet? Thanks in advance.


Hi @gustavoniteroi,

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Perfect timing: this is a feature we have been working on recently. It shouldn’t take that much longer for it to become available! Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


I’ve just downloaded the Alfred camera on my old phone and the viewer on my newest phone. We do not have wifi and mobile data is turned off on the old phone. Alfred has worked great today by connecting the camera phone to my current phones Hotspot. Tomorrow when I go to work will the camera phone have saved any pictures taken with the motion detection so that when I return home and pair the camera with my Hotspot I’ll be able to view them?


Hi @tonifancher63,

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Both of your devices need access to the Internet for Alfred to work. If your Camera can’t share your Viewer’s hotspot, Alfred won’t be able to record anything and you won’t be able to initiate live-viewing sessions.

To use Alfred when you are away, you will have to be able to connect your Camera to the Internet.

Hope this helps!


I would also really appreciate the ability for the camera to record video to local storage when internet access is not available (or possibly too slow), and then upload that video to the cloud storage when connectivity is restored. It just seems like a really nice feature for a security application. Such a feature would involve several new configuration settings. For example: Enable Local Storage (Yes/No); (and assuming Yes) Location for Local Storage (should be able to access SD cards); Maximum Amount of Video to Save Locally (specified as either time or MB/GB); Reclaim Local Storage When (after video is uploaded OR as needed). The “as needed” option could be used to insure that you always retained a certain amount of offline video in the device. If the device was offline for an extended period of time, the more recent video would overwrite the older video (even if that older video had not been successfully uploaded to the cloud).

The name of this forum section is “Make a Wish”, right? Thanks, and I think you have a great product/service in Alfred.


Hi @shared.hulls,

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We have actually developed a feature close to what you have described here. It is now in the final testing phase. I hope it’ll roll out soon! Let me know what you think after trying it out!


Is this in your production app yet?