Alfred With Alexa

For months now I’ve been trying to tell “Guard Dog Guard” from my Alexa App on my phone to play in my Echo Alexa Device (not on my Phone). I even phoned Alexa Help Line…they tried and tried but could not make it work. One morning it came to me to try placing the “Alfred” Camera Phone beside the Alexa Echo Device and pressing the microphone on the Viewer Phone and giving the exact same order. Tried it and it worked. This is a real addition to the App and I thought I’d share it. It means you can now tell Alexa what to do via Alfred when you’re away from home. You can for instance get Alexa play your local radio station and tell her to stop when you feel like it…also tell her when you want “Guard Dog” to start barking and tell her when to “Stop”. You can also of course increase/decrease the volume of the barking or music through Alfred. Just a tip…the first few times it may not work…but after a few tries it worked for me. I think it may be because Alexa was trying to recognize my phone voice. Please let me know if this works for you. It’s a real bonus if you want noise in your house if you’re away on holiday or even at work.

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