Alfred will be a premium app


January is a good time to make wish :grin:

This app isen’t still perfect for security.
New features are waited:

  • The offline recording: Eventually only for premium users. As soon as happen a network cut, motions detections are saved on camera phone until this one get connection back. Then videos are uploaded to Alfred’s cloud.

  • To complète health check, creation of a security event log.
    This one, as a time line, could be like this:
    08h00: Log on
    09h05: motion detection on
    11h00: network cut
    11h05: network back
    13h00: motion detected !!!
    18h00: motion detection off
    18h10: log off

Only an exemple, there are many ways to do it.

If these feature are added, i’ll Never disturb Ricardo anymore…:grin:

(Alfred isen’t only used as baby phone or to keep an eye on dogs. Some of us want a true security app)


Hi Stéphane,

Thanks for the feedback!

We understand the importance of offline recording as much as you do. Actually, it is already in the late stages of development. After certain optimization and evaluation, we would love to present this feature to you as soon as possible.

As for the Camera Health Check improvements, it is currently on the task list of our team. Any idea provided by our user would be very helpful for us to design the new diagrams.

Last but not least, we never consider your feedback a disturbance. Instead, it helps us get a better image of what our users want. So you are welcome to let us know if you have any suggestion regarding these features or other new features you come up with.

Looking forward to hearing more from you! :slight_smile:



You give me hope to see an impressive Alfred.
In your opinion, how many time approximately to get this Super Alfred ?

How to be beta tester on iOS ?


Hi Stéphane,

I can’t give you the timeline yet. The offline recording still requires some assessment. Will let you know as long as I have any update!

Oh, we don’t have a testing program on iOS for the moment. However, we do have one on Google Play. We see that you also have Android phones! Please check it out here: