Alfred WebViewer is available on Chrome

Hey Superheroes

Alfred WebViewer was available on FireFox only until very recently. Alfred WebViewer is now available on Chrome but a few settings need to be enabled first.

  1. Please go to chrome://help/ and update your Chrome browser to Version 51

  1. Go to chrome://flags/#enable-webrtc-h264-with-openh264-ffmpeg
    and enable webRTC H264

That’s it! You’re all set!

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Best news ever! Thanks! #Awesome

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Hi @NattyJ

Welcome to Alfred Center and thank you for the kind words!!! We are really excited that Chrome is supporting our codes now. Did you try WebViewer on Chrome?

This is good news. It worked great for me today. Thanks!


Unfortunately it does not work for me so far. Each time I try to connect, it shows the error “The previous connection does not finish properly. Please wait for 20 seconds and try again.” I wait 20 seconds (and longer), but it gives the error every time I try connecting.


I tried to run based on the instructions, but it keeps saying the “failed to connect to camera”


Hi @nellanayrb

Sorry for the late reply!!! I guess this post was pushed down.
You are getting this because one of your other Viewer devices are watching the live view.
At this moment, concurrent viewing is not available yet, and here is why.
One camera can only be connected with one Viewer device. I am sure if you leave Live View on your Viewer device, the WebViewer can work. Would you like to give it a try?


I’m acutally having problems with this. I have enabled the plug-in as described and when I go to load the live stream of a camera I get “loading please wait” then “Loading” and then it circles and loads and loads and loads. I tried this in firefox and it works great but not in chrome. I can see the over view just fine in chrome but no live stream


It tells me to download it when I log in to my google account on chrome and I have Alfred downloaded on both phones my old phone is set to camera and my new phone is viewer and both phones are active and have ininternet please help i can’t see anything on the viewer phone but I can on my camera phone i was testing them so far I don’t like alfred

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Hi @rickyholconb70697055,

Thank you for reaching out!

Sorry to hear you haven’t been able to make Alfred work. Google has been experiencing a higher-than-usual number of authentication fail rate over the past week. Would you be able to log out and log back in again?

Here is how you do it on the Camera Phone:

On the Viewer Phone, please tap on the three dots, choose Account, then you will be asked if you want to log out.

Let me know if logging in again helps!


Going to try Alfred on chrome, will let y’all know if i am successful!