Alfred says "One More Step!" What's next?



hola como puedo ver la imagen en la pc


Hi @joser1912r,

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Please find out how to use Alfred’s WebViewer here:

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I am logged in on both devices. But both say one more step. I click on the picture and have watched the YouTube video 3 times now, and cannot get past the first step. Why won’t it load?


Hi @lilstubbs24,

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Alfred requires one device to be set as Camera and the other as Viewer. For the moment, you have two Viewers. That’s why Alfred doesn’t work.

Please follow the instructions here to switch one of them to Camera/Viewer, and you will be able to start watching live feed straightaway!

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I have installed the app. Would like to know about one thing, whether the viewer can hear voice calls of mobile where camera is on.


Hi @manjuprasadk9,

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If a voice call goes to your Camera Phone, chances are Alfred will get cut off. To ensure continuous surveillance, it’s a good idea to dedicate the device to running only Alfred.

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Thanks for accepting my request