Alfred’s Security Signs Hit The Shops!


You have already taken out the old smartphones piled up in the drawer, installed Alfred on all of them, and set them up. Everything looks perfect but chances are that you are still likely to be burgled. Why? Cause the stupid thieves didn’t know your house is protected. A monitored house without a security sign makes no difference from that without any protection. Although you may be able to track down the intruder by the clear proof captured by the motion detector, you still have to take great pains to solve the crime.

With a security sign, you can deter the would-be burglars from breaking in. Even the stupidest burglars wouldn’t run the risk of setting off the alarm and getting caught by the police when they know the house is under surveillance.

Alfred’s security decal has finally been launched. There are 4 different sizes of stickers to fit your needs. You can simply put the stickers on the doors, windows, or you can even put it on a stake, sticking it in the ground of the yard to send a compelling message telling the would-be burglars that they are not welcome here. Alfred’s security signs are the most effective security items which allow you to have a peace of mind.

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#2 How much ? That’s a rhetorical question, Five of the Queen’s finest English pounds £££££ for a 10+10cm bit of sticky paper with a design on it ? Did your designer do the design for the London 2010 Olympics ? Again rhetorical. I really like Alfred the App but these signs are free advertising for your App so should be priced accordingly.
Best wishes.

#3 I’m no graphic designer but I would of thought it prudent to advertise the secure cloud storage on the signage as that is surely one of Alfred’s best attributes.


Hi @pinky-free-user,

Thanks for reaching out to Alfred!

We appreciate the feedback and will take your advice into account for our product in the future. The sticker price now has been set mostly based on the production cost and logistics fee. We hope people benefit from these warning signs and get a better protection as a result :slight_smile:


موقع جيدا جدا وممتاز


Hard to disagree with what he said


@brad.tracy1 not sure who you are agreeing with as you didn’t link. So I gave you a like in the hope that it was me you are agreeing with. :yum:


Recoup your production costs with add customers due to the FREE advertising you’re getting.


a millenial running a grown ups business


February 6, 2019 7:37 AM (Europe: Paris), February 5, 2019 10:37 PM (America: Los Angeles)


Hey. At least they’re getting it right.


Lol what? What is that supposed to mean? A real “grown up” would be supportive of the younger generation’s innovation to develop & share advances in technology. I don’t go around posting about Baby Boomers sucking up the limited resources they left our country with after they basically destroyed the American Dream of the next generation having more opportunities to live better lives then those of generations before them. Poison the environment & deplete Social Security, hell the BB’s don’t care, they figure they will be long gone by the time the true repercussions of their gluttony & foolishness detonate.


@tinan.daniels82 I really rarely comment on this kind of non technical post but I feel you might need some help. Are all these people you refer to as baby boom boomers running big corporate companies or supposedly supporting Your well being from within the corridors of your government ? Please don’t fall for the old divided and conquer. There’s enough wealth and technology in the world that not one soul should ever have to go hungry. It’s just very unevenly distributed.
Kind regards.


Thank you for your response, and I agree with you whole-heartedly. I want to confirm my statement does NOT reflect my personal feelings against an entire generation. It was meant to be a sarcastic response to the individual who suggested a millennial had botched a job that should be left for “grown-ups” to do. I wanted to point out how each generation seems to be ridiculed by individuals of generations before or after it. Millenials are not all physically lazy, inept failures at life; as Baby Boomers are not all greedy, resource-consuming self-absorbed vampires. The remark made by the person I was replying to made me feel upset for the young person who is trying to develop methods of informing consumers of his or her product. I agree that I do need help with many things in life, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts to engage me in critical thinking and expanding my base of knowledge in order to better understand a world that can become complex and overwhelming if one allows it to become such. I hope your day is blessed.


I also want to point out how coincidental it is that you mentioned the fact that the resources & finances are available, and it is a matter of uneven distribution of such that contributes to the suffering of so many. I made that very statement just the other day when discussing the USA’s ability to support additional population from other countries. So many resources are wasted in the USA (and yes the rest of the world as well), and it is a very unfortunate situation indeed.


@tinan.daniels82 thank you for your thoughtful reply. Sorry I misunderstood the initial post.
Kind regards


In my area, we have been told not to display signs advertising who makes our security system, if any, because the bad guys then know what kind we have and how to disable it.


Just display a generic sign displaying a secure cloud video storage.


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love this is a great idea!