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Is it possible to have the Alfred app running hidden in background for the camera phone. So if someone picks up phone and uses the phone, then the Alfred app (in the camera phone) will not automatically pop up. Is there a way to have it running hidden in background so when phone is used etc nobody would know is in use (obviously the App icon is there - would be great if was also possible to hide that as well), this is just so the Alfred app does not become visible ie showing camera image if phone is seen. (this is not the viewer phone just the camera phone).


Hi Ling,

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It is not possible to hide the icon or the fact that Alfred is running on the device. Such design is explicitly prohibited by Google Play Store and App Store.

You can, however, camouflage the device itself. Users have shared their very creative setups with us. Perhaps you can find some inspiration here:

For Android Camera, you can also try passcode lock to protect your phone:

If you use an iOS phone as Camera, please enable Guided Acces to help you lock your phone:

Hope it helps!


Thanks for information

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