Alfred Premium & Alfred Plus: Unlock Exclusive Features!



Hey @palmerk0802,

We took a quick look and it turned out that your current billing cycle ends in about 5 hours. Once the cycle is over, the Upgrade button will pop back up!

Hope this helps!

Incidentally, why did you cancel Alfred Premium? We are always looking for ways to make Alfred better, so your feedback would be invaluable!


Well when it initially booted I noticed no difference to be honest. The difference was so minimal possibly because I’m using a s7 edge and iPhone 6. Both already have great cameras. But after a few updates I noticed a difference. Especially after it switched back to standard… :confused: but my camera is mostly used in an area that relies on night vision. Premium, shows great clarity in well lit areas, but not as much when using night vision. Hopefully soon! Also, I’m dying for a possibility of offline motion detection and record. Obviously, you won’t be able to watch live or get notifications. But at least when you get home (or wherever the cam may be). If anything occurred you’ll still have record of the instance, as it could save the motion events in an offline folder. And/or once the Internet connection stabilizes and reconnects you can check your motion events and such. I think this would be an excellent addition(to the premium version of course. If I maybe need to clarify this idea, feel free to say so. And I can come up with a more streamlined and precise description of this feature idea. As I’m just spitting this out as I type and may be unclear. LOL


Hey @palmerk0802,

Thanks for letting us know!

Just to clarify, we absolutely did not lower the resolution for the free version. The difference might have become clearer because you got used to the higher quality!

We are definitely going to look into offline Motion Detection. Naturally it’s not something we can churn out with the next update, but we have plans to make it available. Thanks for supporting and sticking to Alfred! Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback!


Am I getting HD Clarity from my viewer phone if it’s an iPhone? I upgraded via Google play on my Android. However I don’t see any way to upgrade or confirm the premium upgrade in the Apple App Store. I’m not seeing the same clarity on my iPhone as I am with Android. @sunny


Hey @palmerk0802,

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, once you upgrade, you should be able to watch/record in HD on all your devices.

We are actually working on the issue you noticed. Hopefully we’ll get it fixed soon, so please stay tuned!


With 3 cams running, we love Alfred! Especially using it as more than just recording motion. At the front door, we can see who’s at our door LIVE, and talk to them, which has been awesome! It’s great telling someone “I’ll be right there.” or “shoo, we don’t want what you’re selling!” lol! Using Alfred is much better than the other front door cams I’ve seen advertised. We’ve also been able to catch our teen and cats in suspicious activity haha!

So now that I’ve given my praise I do have 2 issues, 1 I was lucky to be grandfathered as a + member, but I’ve wanted to try out HD, when I click upgrade, it just shows a blank screen. Any ideas?

2 We get excessive motion detections from not physical movement, but the camera(s) flickering bright flashes of light, and refocusing, however the curtains are closed, and no lights are being modified, (So the lighting doesn’t vary at night, and it should be a very gradual lighting change regarding sunlight in the day) were also on the 2nd floor on a hill, behind trees, no car lights shine up that high… Any ideas there too?

Thank you for all you’re hard work on the app! No matter what issues we’ve ever faced, it’s better than the rest!


Hey @homecam1415,

Thank you so much for the support! I am so glad to hear Alfred has been serving your family so well!

For the screen going black issue, could you update Android System Webview on your phone, or maybe try on one of your Cameras?

As for the light flashing problem, does that happen to all of your Camera devices or does one of them tend to do this?

Let me know so I can look into it further for you!


It’s not going black, all are updated when possible. I’ll try from another phone when I get a chance.

As for the recordings, it’ll just cause a motion detection, and when viewed it’s just a flash of light and the camera refocusing, but there’s no light change that could cause the flash, the lighting doesn’t vary. It’s happened mainly in the living room, but the hall had it on rare occasion too, I’ve tried different phones also. It’s almost as if it’s trying to decide what the lighting in the room is to adjust the exposure. (Like if you hold a camera aiming at a bright light the screen will dim really dark to capture the image - aim away and it brightens up). So I’m not sure if it’s something that can be adjusted in the application or if it’s a camera thing… I’d show an example but we turn it off thru the night so we don’t wake to notifications I’ll try to get one if I can soon.


Hey @homecam1415,

Thank you so much for the info!

It’d help if you could send us a link to an Event. You can also disable Auto Focus and see if that helps! Some models do tend to auto-focus more than others.

Please keep me posted!


I have two accounts in same phone it wont upgrade on other account


Hey @ogbullethead731,

Thanks for reaching out!

When you tap on UPGRADE, the account that you are logged in to Alfred with gets the upgrade. Could you give this a go? If it doesn’t work, could you let me know the error message you get so I can figure out how to make it work for you?


Sorry this took some time, here’s the lighting change that occurs, granted the motion may have gone off due to the cat, but it goes off when the lighting change occurs also. I may have more to show later. This was 5 mins after I turned motion on…


Am I able to zoom in and out with the paid version


How do you cancel Alfred premium


Hi @altonbay515,

Thank you for reaching out!

I am sorry to hear you are thinking about cancelling Alfred Premium. Would you mind telling me why? We are always looking for ways to improve out service.

In the meantime, here are the instructions:

Hope it helps!


Hi @calebball1989,

Thanks for reaching out!

For the moment, Alfred doesn’t offer a zoom feature yet. We are working on it tho! Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


Hey @homecam1415,

Thank you for sending over the clip!

We took a look and it seems like false alarms are triggered by Auto Night Vision. Would you like to disable Auto Night Vision and see if things improve?

Here is how:

Keep me posted!


M/B…Its the “low light filter” ( night vision). If thats on & catches a light (e.g.light bulb , sun ray like thru the crack in the mid or on the side of a curtin,even a tv) its just a GRAY (???) bright flash. Check what it is set at in That cam/phones settings. M/B…?:wink:


Estoy igual tengo diferentes cámaras unas menos años y una experia 3 note3 o 2 y mi reproductor es iPhone 7splus aora me pueden decir cómo se actualizan y ir que mi treproductor siendo el control no las puedo actualizar desde mi tel está muy mal cada ves peor cuando abrí por primera vez esto funcionaba súper mientras era gratis ahora ya empezarán a cobrar digo para q le ponen gratis si de todos modos se lo friegan a una estoy pagando a huevo por qué si no se te ponen negras ya no te dejan ver nada si señores ya solo te pide actualiza y valió todas las cámaras de ponen pésimas lo siento Alfred pero es mi verdad


Hi @rosyfigueroa925,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

I am sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with Alfred. I promise we didn’t lower the resolution of the free version at all. Could you let me know which Camera(s) you are having problems with and what seems to be the problem? This will help me figure out why and get Alfred back up an running as it should!

Please keep me posted.