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Home security systems cost quite a bit. Some of us just don’t have the money to shell out, especially this time of the year where home invasions and home burglaries are a lot higher than any other time of the year because of the holiday seasons. You know, people’s gifts, people breaking into people’s houses to steal their gifts and stuff. We don’t have the money to get a home security system.

What if you can turn your old smartphones that you have lying around into a home security camera? That’s what this app does right here. This app is called Alfred. It’s pretty nice. Now when you first set it up, it’s gonna ask you two questions. a) Is this smartphone going to be the Viewer or the Camera?

As you guys can see right here, I have my Warp Elite set up as my camera. It’s pretty much doing its thing right now, streaming video, connected on my home WiFi. I can place this anywhere. I can try and make it inconspicuous in an area where the angle will capture my entire bedroom. And then when I’m away from home, I can be in the Viewer application as you guys can see right here. You can have multiple rooms set up, so you have multiple phones connected. Place each phone in a specific room. That way you can pretty much watch your whole house.

As you can see, this camera is not connected, but this one is right now. This is the Warp Elite, so I know the Warp elite is in my room. So I can pretty much click it to preview what’s going on. I do have the volume down because right now since both devices are close to each other, there is a massive amount of feedback. I don’t know if you guys want to hear that right now.

There are several things you can do with the Viewer app. Well I shouldn’t say it like that because it’s one application. You just choose whether the phone is the Viewer or the Camera. So let’s just say Viewer mode. That’s better. There’re several options you can do. Right now I am getting a constant feed of what’s going on. This bottom button here with the camera, you can actually press and hold that, and it’s going to record a clip that you could share. Let’s do that right now. As you guys can see, it’s beginning to record a clip. Let’s do another two seconds. Now I have my clip. A preview window’s gonna pop up. I can click that, and I can replay the stream. You can see the stream is actually quite smooth, so there it is. I can share that to Facebook, I can create a link for people to download the video and watch, or if I click these three dots here I can share either by email address, Google drive for safekeeping, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Snapchat… You guys get the gist of it.

So here’re all the demo clips I made, testing this out. Anyways let’s go back and let’s watch the stream real quick. Just so you guys know this is still in beta, so there are about one to two kinks. This is probably the only problem I find with this app. When you actually record a clip and you try to go back into the stream, it tends to just really kind of mess up. Let’s come out and go back in again. Now it works.

So, as you guys saw, it showed the battery life of my Camera. I don’t have it on the charger but normally I do. That way, it doesn’t run out of power. Now this right here, the microphone button. If you see somebody in your house and you want to spook them or whatever, you can do so. Just talk. It’s actually feeding to my phone. Guess you heard the feedback there. You can actually do that.

Couple other things you can do from the Viewer mode: you can switch it from landscape to portrait mode, you can reverse the cameras, switch it out, you guys can see it’s actually shooting at my roof right now. And switch it back to the rear camera. Also, it does have Night Vision. If I turn off the lamp at my desk, go ahead and turn on Night Vision, which doesn’t work all too well. Still need some source of lighting, and that’s what the next tab here is for: flash. Turn my flash on and there you go. Now I got everything. So you do have night mode. You’ve gotta have some light there. It won’t actually pick up everything straight up in the dark. And you can activate your flash by hitting the flashlight button, and that will stay on. As you guys can see, flashlight’s on, off, back on, there it is.

So there’s some pretty cool stuff you can do with this. Basically the whole idea of it is you know, keeping an eye at home when you are not at home to make sure there is no one in your house. And it’s awesome like I said you can have multiple Cameras all going off at once, and you can just monitor each area. And besides the fact you can use it as a home security system, it’s also pretty cool you can kind of use it like a video baby monitor. So say you know you have a new addition to the family, a baby boy or a baby girl, you want to make sure everything is OK while you are downstairs doing the dishes or something, you’re gonna have one of your old smartphones pointed at the bassinet or the crib for keeping an eye on the baby. Of course you have audio to listen to it, so if the baby cries, you can hear it. You can hear it cry. Also, just to make sure that everything is copacetic.

This is really cool. There is so much you can actually do with it. You can use at home, you can use this at your place of business. It’s a phenomenal app. I really dig this application. I definitely recommend this. Sure there is a little slight kink when you are actually recording a video, so you can capture video and you have that for evidence, or for whatever purpose. But you know, in general, it does what it is supposed to do. It is supposed to, you know, basically, monitor your home. It’s doing that quite well.

I truly love this application. I really do. I actually used it today, going out and about with my family to celebrate my son’s birthday. He turned 10. And I wanted to keep an eye on the house, so I set up different smartphone around the house, and had them all on and connected to chargers so they wouldn’t run out of battery. Pretty much it was like watching my entire house. Cool stuff.

Anyways, guys, that’s pretty much it for this video, this demo of the application known as Alfred. It’s completely free in the Play Store, which is also great. It does have some ads at the top but hey you know what, no biggie. That’s what it’s supposed to do. So if you guys enjoy this video, let me know by clicking that thumbs-up button. Subscribe if you have not for featured content like this. And let me know you guys’ thoughts and opinions on this application, and you’ll see me in the next one. Bye.

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Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:


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Cámara IP Vigilancia/ Espia Android Gratis

Convierte tu Android en una Cámara IP para vigilar parte de tu casa .La cámara la puedes manejar por control remoto por wifi o datos 3G/ 4G


This is my personal opinion on an app that I use for security & surveillance purposes for my motorhome. This app is named Alfred and is free to download. This is for Android based phones or tablets. There are many great security and surveillance apps out there and I have tried a few but this one seem to work the best for me. This is just a suggestion… hope this helps!.






使わなくなったAndroidのスマホで、大切なペットや、留守にした家、また、離れたお部屋の赤ちゃん等、確認できる監視カメラとして利用できる無料アプリ「家庭用ビデオ監視ペットの監視 - 執事アルフレッド」


Superhero Ryuuji Elric introduced Alfred on YouTube. Oh the video is in Spanish, fyi



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Use o Android como CÂMERA DE SEGURANÇA sem fio

Aproveite seu aparelho antigo e transforme-o em uma câmera de vigilância sem fio. Funciona em qualquer Android e só precisa de uma conexão de internet. Assim você pode monitorar sua casa em qualquer lugar do mundo.

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Dorothy Jean Thompson:
This is an awesome app I found. It lets you use multiple old cell phone cameras as ip cams and you can view them anywhere. Great for a nanny cam, pet cam, Security cam!! Has NIGHT VISION, motion detection, turn on the Flash-Light!!! Record video! 2 way talk! The paid version removes ads.


Wonder Whats Next:
Quick video on how to re-purpose and old mobile device, be it an old cell phone or tablet and use it as a security camera that can be viewed remotely over WiFi or 4g service.


Best Free Home Security App Alfred Review & Tutorial

Hello! What’s up there Youtube again? I wanna share this video about this free home security app. There are quite a few out there. I’ve tried a lot of them but I keep coming back to this one. It’s one of the best ones I’ve seen yet. All you need to do is you need to have two phones or maybe more. If you have working phones that you’re not using anymore, they can be used as security cameras. I’ve already had mine set up, so I’m gonna test it right now.

Let me open up the app here. The top one here is the phone I placed. I’m gonna walk right in front of it. Right now it’s in standby mode, but when I walk in front of it, it should turn on. I should get a notification. I did. If I go up here to the notification bar, It says Motion Detected, so it’s working. If I play the video, that’s me walking in front of the Camera here. I can experiment with Camera locations. You get notifications straight to your phone. They can be uploaded to Facebook and also other sites as well.

You can use more than one phone, but I don’t have one hooked up right now. What you need to do is download the app and sign in to your Google account on both phones. You can use one for Camera and one for Viewer. You can get your notifications here. That’s your Moments. You can also save it to your phone as well.

The sensitivity can be set as high, medium, or low. It’s got a really good rating of 4.4. You can look it up on Google Play. They’ve got quite a few of these apps like this, but I like this one the best. It does exactly what it says. The picture quality is not HD unless you upgrade. If you hit the button upgrade, you get better quality. It’s 3,99 a month. It can still be very inexpensive. Also I forgot: you need Internet.

You need a phone you use every day, an old phone that still works, or a tablet as well that’s connected to your Google account. You set one phone as Viewer and the other as Camera. You can set it up and turn on Motion Detection. If something moves in front of the Camera, it records. You can also record the sound.

Give this app a try, especially if you don’t have the money for an expensive home security system. Everybody should feel safe. The best thing about this is you can check it remotely. If you are at work, Alfred will send alert straight to your phone. It also tells you when the battery is low. You want to make sure your phone is charged.

Thank you very much for watching! I’ll see you next time.

Android Play Store App Stars: If you have home internet service,a working phone with data, and a old smartphone or tablet. Then you can have a free home security system with this free app watch video to find out how it works.


If you have an old cell phone, and you want a web camera for any kind of security to watch your pets or your RV, whatever you have…

There is a glimpse of her right there. This is the camera indoors. Wave to the camera, Fred. That’s the camera outdoor. These cameras are really cool because you can do just about everything. You can rotate the screens. This works. I’ve tested it. It’s rock solid. Check it out: the name of it is Alfred Camera. For the app, you can get it from Play Store or Apple. It’s pretty cool, you can actually full screen one of them, and it’s high definition. You can turn the camera light on, you can do the night mode, which makes it super bright at night. You don’t want to do it at daytime. You can take snapshots, you can do Motion Detection. It’s really really really cool and it works.

I would think you would have a cell phone lying around, kicking around doing nothing. All you need is a router and an Internet connection. It’s really easy. You can watch it on the computer screen, too.

This is the kitchen camera right here. I have it on a cheap 3-dollar little stand, a little selfie stick. I actually just wire-taped it to here for now, and I plugged the USB in to direct power. It works great, no problem at all.

If you’re paranoid like me, you want to watch your pets, cats, dogs, whatever you have, you can do it from your computer. I wouldn’t be doing this video if I didn’t think the software was good. When something works, it’s reliable. That’s the thing. I know some people don’t like this techy stuff, but this is something worth showing to you guys. It works really well. The free version has ads here and there, but you can still use it. The free version is not high-definition. You have to pay for it. It’s 3.99 a month. It’s really cheap. I recommend getting it. I do recommend trying it first. Finally an app that works. It turns your phones into security cameras. It’s really hard to find something something that works these days. When you do, you stick with it. That’s why we have all these phones as cameras for our little babies!

It detects motion, and you get the videos. For the settings, you have high, medium, and low. You can switch it on and off. Another cool feature is you can actually talk into it, so it’s an intercom, too. You can be away from your RV in a different country or state, hold this and you can talk back and forth to each individual phone. Wherever they are in the room, you can talk to them like an intercom. I’m thinking about getting a mic or a speaker so people can hear me really loud. I think it’s gonna be a really useful tool.

With all that said, I’m actually going to put up another camera into another window to get the view from the other side of the RV. I just think it’s a cool thing, so I’m gonna play around with it. It’s cool because whenever you come across a used phone, or a family member has one, you go “hey, I’ll give you 30 bucks for that phone.” Then you can have a camera that does everything. You can use it as an intercom system. I’m wondering if you can put a microphone on the camera to go out and in. You can get a speaker, so you can talk to each room.

For now, it doesn’t really cost us anything. We had the phones, and I put something together. I hope this helps you out. Try it out. Give it a try. You can download the app on your phone, from Play Store or Apple. Like and share the video. Subscribe. It helps us out!

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred: