Alfred on Raspberry PI



Is it possible to install Alfred on Raspberry pi? Because ı want to use my webcam also?


I think you can install Android OS on your Raspberry pi then install Alfred on it and use the webcam as Alfred Cam !!!

But I am not sure it will work !!!

You can try.


Yeah thats a good idea. Actually it would be better that install Alfred on raspi as a local server.



Are you try this Idea?

Please tell me if it succeed?



Hi @ibraheem5000,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

For the moment we have not figured out how to make Alfred work on Raspberry PI. We will look into the possibility in the future. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!


Some users have reported success using an Android emulator with Alfred.


I know that MotionEyeOS for the Raspberry Pi exists to make a security camera setup. It’s not very easy to setup. The interface is user friendly however.

It would be great to have Alfred as an alternative for MotionEyeOS on the Raspberry Pi.


What about cheese or zonealarm you could also stream the webcam using VLC.


What android simulator do you recommend?


Is a very common one.


Dear in my region a smart phone is cheaper as 1999/- INR (India) than a Raspi
I suggest to use cheaper phone instead of raspi
Actually raspi is also work perfect with android os it will be work perfect.
But think about motion detection, siren alert and device reboot and restart problems which are need to focus With Raspi


In case anyone else is interested, you can use a Usb Webcam on a mobile phone and get it to use that as the main camera which Alfred can use. Was chatting to someone who was doing this a while ago.

Just Google connecting a USB Camera to a Mobile Phone.


Bluestacks would have to be sideloaded onto the raspberry pi. It would be easier to just load android onto an sd card and put the sd card into the raspberry. Then sideload alfred. My only question is will alfred run? This guy has a video on how to install android marshmellow, but he said only half of the apps he tried ran, so I was hoping someone has tried alfred on a pie.


I want to raspberry pi so I can use it as the viewer. I am going to make it so when I am not using a screen it will be used as a window (they’re not oled). I already have the phone as a camera.


I, too, would like to be able to set up Raspberry Pi’s around my house and business and use Alfred to send me motion alerts and thumbnails. Please develop this!