Alfred lag and auto delete

Ive noticed that video captures and videos of various legnth show up and then mysteriously disappear. Why is this? How does alfred decide what video to put up or take down ? I was under the impression that all movement was captured and put up but after this morning I see thats not the case. For instance I have an alfred camera set up through a window in my home watching the front door. Im out of town at the moment so when i woke up this morning around 4am i pulled up alfred and was surprised that there were over 30 different events captured last night through the front door cam. It was all lightning flashes because we were having a storm at home. Then when i woke up for the day about 830 all the captured events were gone. Not any of the other stuff that had been previously captured but just the lightning strike video from this morning. I know alfred isnt perfect but i recently had some very impirtant video captured and saved however it didnt capture a lot of things that it should have also. What im wondering is if there is a way to go onto alfred and decide what events to keep or discard. The fact that it auto decides is disturbing to me and makes me wonder what im missing that it auto deletes for me? Please advise

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