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Hi Alfred,

Really impressed with your app. I'm using it to keep an eye on my dad who has Parkinson's disease and is wheelchair confined. But I set up a Nexus 7 device on an arm on the wheelchair.

Your app is revolutionary -- in the access it gives people. Thank you for making it for regular people!

You have made a wonderful product. The fact that you have not charged for it yet is a miracle. But, there are so many apps that DO charge for premium versions which are small little apps which do very little of importance. But in your case, the apps you are making make a profound difference in people's lives. This "Alfred" is something I have dreamed about for the past decade, always wondering "why do I have to go to some special provider to get surveillance video equipment? Why can't someone make webcam to computer surveillance systems which are practically free?" I have never understood this.

But now you have jumped one generation beyond this to portability with mobile devices. Once again I say thank you.

My usage is for a whole different category of usage than you have probably considered: monitoring people who are elderly in wheelchairs, especially where they are not always getting quality care and supervision. This happens so much, all over the world. But in this case, it is my Dad in New Orleans, where I went this past week to install the camera device. Now I am back in a faraway city where I want to watch the camera feed. While home, I saw they do not take care of him very well, and I want to be able to monitor this.

The "camera" device is a Nexus 7 which is mounted on a post that rises up from the side of a wheelchair, and allows the touchpad to face the person sitting in the wheelchair.

ALSO, YES, I love to be able to switch between the front facing camera, where I can see my Dad to see how he looks, to the Back facing camera, so I can see his surroundings, and where he is, where have they placed him, and who is speaking in the room, and are they rude and mean to him --- which is what I witnessed when I was there in person installing the device.

What does "home security" mean to us? How reassuring is it to know our loved ones are safe? How can Alfred deliver such comfort while he transmits video from one phone to the other? These are the questions that drive us forward day in and day out. It is the moments when these emails arrive that we know we are doing something right, and meaningful. What is your story with Alfred? We'd love to hear it.

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Certainly a clever way of using technology to support those in needs of help and attention. Amazing, how important this can be, along with the potential to intervene at the right time