Alfred isn't alerting me


It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

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Alfred isn’t showing me what happens as it happens, someone pulls up to my drive it doesn’t always record or alert me.

I have a Blu R1 HD set as my camera.


Hi @daieoeron1,

Thank you for reaching out!

Could you try move your Camera position closer to the driveway and see whether the situation persists?

In the meantime, there are two things we need you to check:

  1. Were you watching live feed on your Viewer Phone when the movement took place? Alfred’s Motion Detection doesn’t work when there is a live session going on. If you end the live-viewing session and try again, Motion Detection should work.

  2. If you were not watching live feed, please check your Event Book to see if you can find the recording:

If you can find the recording but didn’t receive a notification, please make sure notifications are properly set up:

Hope it helps!


I will move it closer, it is in my daughters window,which is the closet room and facing our drive. (It’s a trailer park drive, if that helps so the park space is small)

I have noticed it’s sensitive to the pine tree movements and goes off all day, maybe that is too much for the app to record or notify me?

My other daughter room is off to the side but I can still position it towards the drive, it sounds like a better option.

I learned already Alfred doesn’t record while viewing so for the most part I don’t look at the viewer, this problem happens at odd times, cars next door will trigger Alfred but if something like my pine tree is obscuring my truck and if someone does a turn around by my vehicle Alfred doesn’t record and it lately has been not alerting and recording when I know someone or something is around outside. ( Our car was vandalised months ago and they still come around the trailer park, so as you can see we need and love this app)

I thought maybe I need to keep the events cleaned up so I do a lot of deleting to keep it “happy” once I removed the app and downloaded it again,that helped but briefly.


I already do all this.

For example last night,someone trigged Alfred by walking close to the camera, it briefly flickered on the viewer but when I actually went to look at what just happened the event was never “recorded” it disappears.

This is what it is doing constantly.

It’s either the app or the phone that I am using and I would like to get this figured out since this app is my surveillance in a crappy neighborhood.