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Dear Alfredians

2015 has been a productive year for Alfred. We have been working really really hard, and it has been an honor and a privilege to serve all Alfredians. 2016 is going to be so exciting!!!

To begin with, Alfred is named as One of 10 High-Tech Home Safety & Security Products in 2016. On the list, Alfred is the only free service!! Yes, please tell your friends that a group of genius and hard-working developers are committed to giving every one instant connectivity with homes!! It is not an experimental project. It is not an early-stage startup. Alfred is on the list with other high-tech home security products that cost $149 or more!!!

We are so proud, and we want to make you proud too. Thank you so much for supporting Alfred along the way.

OK, so here is the part about Alfred:

Don’t want to pay for a security system, but you have an old Android phone lying around? Download Alfred. It turns any WiFi-connected phone into a security camera (with sound!), viewable from another smartphone or computer anytime, anywhere. Alfred also offers motion detection and push notifications, as well as two-way-talk and the ability to take a snapshot any time.

If you are new here, welcome to Alfred Center.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:


The best New Year present ever!!!

TechCrunch made a hilarious tutorial about Alfred. Watch, laugh, and share it with your friends who might not know about Alfred yet!

Know more about Alfred

How much does a home security camera cost? Millions of families are using a free alternative. Turn your old smartphones into security cameras for FREE. Your smartphone is definitely more versatile and powerful than IP cameras in the market. If you are looking for a home security solution, baby monitor, pet monitor or an IP cam, stop searching now that you have Alfred.

Video surveillance has never been easier. Install Alfred the mobile app on two smartphones. One is your Webcam at your designated location and take the other one with you as a Viewer. Log in with the same Google account, and that’s it! You are now connected to your loved ones via WiFi/3G/4G from anywhere in the world. With Alfred’s motion detection feature, you are alerted with photos and videos.

What’s so special about Alfred?

  1. Alfred is friendly: Easy to use. No tutorial required at all.
  2. Alfred supports multiple Viewers and multiple Webcams.
  3. Alfred is always ready: Alfred minimizes the launch time. After you select your camera, you can see the secured location within 1-3 seconds even when you are using mobile connection.
  4. Alfred is fast: In less than a second, Alfred connects you and the secured location with the shortest latency and the highest interactivity.
  5. Alfred is efficient: Depending on your network speed, Alfred adjusts video quality so you have clearer images and lag-free streaming.
  6. Alfred is perceptive: Alfred offers free motion detection features. You get free photo messages from Alfred when motions are detected. Clicking on the message, you are directed to real-time surveillance of the specific location.
  7. Alfred is deterrent: Two-way talk feature allows you to warn and deter unauthorized visitors.
  8. Alfred is interactive: Sing to your baby or talk to your pets with the two-way talk feature.

Who’s Alfred?

  1. Alfred is your baby cam. Alfred makes sure you are the first one to know if your baby is crying, sleeping or waking up. When your baby rolls over, Alfred sends you a motion detection message right away.
  2. Alfred is your pet monitor. Alfred knows that they all look innocent but will help you identify who knocked over the trashcan. Interact with your pets with Alfred’s two-way talk features.
  3. Alfred is your office surveillance camera. Manage your staff, visitor and assets with Alfred. Alfred secures your properties by sending you photo messages when motions are detected. Alfred is more responsive than other IP cameras.
  4. Alfred is your nanny cam. Alfred makes it easier to manage your nanny or caretaker, and rest assured that your loved ones are in good hands.
  5. Alfred is your home security system. Alfred guards your doors and garage to check if you have visitors, if your children have arrived home from school, if there is any suspicious people around, or if anyone left garbage at your doorstep. Alfred ensures that you are alerted when there is a break in or any suspicious activities.
  6. Alfred is your eyes. Alfred collects photo and footage evidence for you.

How can Alfred serve you?

  1. Attach a fisheye lens to your phone for a wide-angle view.
  2. Don’t worry about mounting and fixtures, a mug can solve the problem. Place your Camera phone wherever you prefer.
  3. Locate your phone closer to a WiFi station to ensure stable connection.
  4. Press ‚ÄúSave Power‚ÄĚ to keep your Camera phone connected for longer.
  5. Any unused Android phone can work as your Camera phone, start watching over your location 24/7, and send you alerts if something comes up.

If you discover any bugs or problems don’t rate it low, instead fill out the issue report form and we’ll see if it can be fixed before the next release.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Alfred home security IP cam app brings home video surveillance on the cheap

Posted: 05 Feb 2016, 03:28, by Daniel P.

You don’t need to splurge a few hundreds for a home surveillance system if you have a cheap old phone with a camera lying around in the house, as the Alfred app will come to the rescue.

The whole premise of the security and surveillance app is to use your existing gear and make the setup process as easy as possible. All you need is two phones and a Gmail account for login. Your own phone then becomes a viewer, and the oldie but goldie handset at home becomes a web cam, instead of gathering dust in the drawer. When it comes to video, smartphones today are often better than standalone IP cams, and that’s exactly what Alfred is banking on.

The surveillance app lets you set multiple viewers and cameras, and you get to see your living room or baby crib less than three seconds after choosing a camera. The app compresses and adjusts the video stream’s quality depending on the type of network you are on, and can send you picture messages when it detects a motion, from where you can tune into the live stream.

One of the funniest options is using Alfred as a walkie-talkie of sorts to startle the potential intruder with wise remarks, or sign a lullaby to your toddler remotely. Check it out if you have an extra smartphone lying around doing nothing, and are in need of home surveillance equipment.

Alfred IP cam home surveillance app
Developer: Alfred Labs
Category: Media&Video
Price: Free, with in-app purchases

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:


February 28, 2015 By Billa

I yearn for the time when my trusty smartphones will have robotic arms, laser eyes and will guard my home. Smartphone, capable as it is, is still a long way from becoming a Transformer. However the best home security apps can help you in safeguarding your property.

I’ll be honest, if you are expecting smartphone to single-handedly take down athletic burglars or armed robbers, this list is not for you. These home security apps are more like a watchful guardian than a spandex wearing Kung Fu master.

The best home security apps will help you in monitoring your home and surroundings with ease. So if there is a thief luring around, you will have video evidence of that.

Note: The apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note IV and LG G3. The fourth apps was tested by an associate in Germany. All the apps worked fine.

Alfred ‚Äď Free

Alfred is the butler of Batman and keeps his estate safe and secure. Now Alfred can work for you and keep your home safe, essentially making you Batman!

Now that I have gotten that out of my system, the app itself is very striking and easy to use. There are no lengthy logins or signups here and the interface is as straightforward as it can get. I especially loved the soft color scheme of the app which really eases you into the user interface.

The app can make any smartphone into a camera which can monitor on a simple command. If you have an old Android smartphone relaxing around, you can make it a handy security cam without even spending a fortune.


Amazing design and smooth interface.
Surprisingly easy setup.
Can be used as a viewer or a camera.
Notable Feature:

The app comes with motion detecting capabilities. The app can also send you snap shots when motion is detected on your viewing smartphone. If you tap on the snapshot the app will take you to a live feed of the surveillance video.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Utiliza tu viejo teléfono como cámara de videovigilancia

8 abril, 2016 by jmperez

Nunca ha sido más fácil disponer de nuestro propio sistema de videovigilancia. Solo necesitamos un par de smartphones conectados a Internet (incluso uno solo), una cuenta de correo electrónico y la instalación de alguna de las aplicaciones gratuitas disponibles.

Entre la oferta existente de este tipo de aplicaciones de las tiendas oficiales, la que alcanza un mayor √©xito de calificaciones y elevado n√ļmero de usuarios es ‚ÄėAlfred‚Äô. Y es que, realmente tiene un gran n√ļmero de funciones, es gratuita y est√° disponible para los dos grandes sistemas de tel√©fonos actuales, iPhone y Android.

No importa el tipo tel√©fono que queramos usar como c√°mara y el que utilicemos como visor. El sistema funciona con cualquiera de las combinaciones posibles de estos dos tipos de dispositivos. Incluso es posible usar como visor un ordenador, utilizando √ļnicamente Firefox como navegador, ya que es actualmente el √ļnico preparado para poder hacerlo.

La instalaci√≥n es realmente sencilla, solo requiere unos pocos minutos y est√° al alcance de cualquiera aunque no se considere usuario avanzado. El √ļnico requisito que encontramos es la necesidad de disponer de una cuenta gmail o Google, ya que la vinculaci√≥n entre dispositivos se hace a trav√©s de esa cuenta. De este modo, la posibilidad de conectarse a nuestra c√°mara de videovigilancia y por tanto de nuestra privacidad, depende del uso de nuestra cuenta y del conocimiento de su valiosa contrase√Īa.

La verdad es que a esta aplicación no se le echa en falta nada. Es muy completa y al menos en las pruebas que hemos realizado, ha funcionado estupendamente.

Veamos algunas características, todas ellas disponibles en esta aplicación sin coste:

  • Podemos utilizar como c√°mara cualquier tel√©fono inteligente tanto de Android como de iOS siempre que disponga de al menos una c√°mara en buen estado, l√≥gicamente.
  • Como visor, podemos optar por Android, iOS o Firefox en cualquier PC.
  • Tanto el dispositivo que hace de c√°mara como el que utilizamos para ver las im√°genes, deben permanecer conectados a Internet, ya sea por Wifi o por datos.
  • En ambos dispositivos deberemos haber registrado la aplicaci√≥n con la misma cuenta de Google.
  • El dispositivo que hace de c√°mara tiene una funci√≥n de ahorro de bater√≠a que apaga la pantalla, pero aun as√≠, para periodos muy largos, deberemos mantenerlo conectado a la alimentaci√≥n.
  • Desde el visor tenemos multitud de posibilidades que act√ļan sobre la c√°mara, como encender la luz del flash, girar la imagen, intercambiar entre ambas c√°maras posibles, activar un modo nocturno de alta sensibilidad, etc.
  • Pero quiz√° la funci√≥n m√°s interesante sea la de la detecci√≥n de movimiento y el env√≠o de notificaciones directamente al dispositivo visor. Adem√°s env√≠a una foto del momento en que detect√≥ el movimiento.
  • Tambi√©n es posible activar el audio para escuchar a distancia y hablar desde el visor para que suene por los altavoces de la c√°mara.
  • Podemos tomar fotos y v√≠deo de lo que captura la c√°mara en cualquier momento desde el visor.
  • El sistema permite tener varias c√°maras a la vez las cuales pueden visualizarse desde un mismo visor.

Sin duda una interesante herramienta para mantener nuestra casa vigilada o para utilizarla como dispositivo vigila bebés, aunque sus usos pueden llegar a ser tan variados como lo sea nuestra imaginación.

En la mayoría de los casos, deberemos extremar la precaución para mantener seguro y a salvo de ojos indiscretos nuestro sistema de videovigilancia.

Consejos para incrementar la seguridad

  • La ‚Äúllave‚ÄĚ que a cualquiera permitir√≠a observar nuestra/s c√°mara/s es nuestra cuenta de Google y su contrase√Īa. Por tanto, deberemos extremar la seguridad de √©sta, cre√°ndola bien dif√≠cil de adivinar y cambi√°ndola cada cierto tiempo.
  • Quiz√° sea conveniente crear una cuenta de Google exclusivamente para este uso, impidiendo as√≠ que la p√©rdida de control de la habitual provoque el acceso a √©sta y viceversa.
  • Debemos asegurarnos de que nuestra red Wifi es privada y no tenemos intrusos, de lo contrar√≠o podr√≠an llegar a espiar en silencio nuestra c√°mara. Debemos configurar nuestro router con la mejor protecci√≥n posible.
  • No debemos situar nuestro dispositivo que funciona como ‚Äúc√°mara‚ÄĚ de forma que capture im√°genes del exterior, ya que es algo prohibido por la Ley de Protecci√≥n de Datos, tal como explican en esta nota de prensa.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:


Free Home Security? Introducing the home security ip cam alfred

So, how much does a home security system camera cost today? Not a penny, thousands of families are using a complete free alternative called Alfred. Got an old or unused smartphone laying around? turn it into a security camera. Your smartphone is more versatile and powerful than virtually all IP cameras in the current market. If you are looking for a home security camera or even a baby monitor, Alfred has you covered. With Alfred you can do most of the things that cheap basic DIY home security system will give you.

Alfred is an app that enables video monitoring by turning your old phones into a mini security camera, baby monitor, nanny cam, CCTV alternative, IP camera, security cam, web cam, wi-fi camera and a basic home alarm system

Alfred is a completely free mobile app that turns your smartphones to home security cameras and gives you the ability to be in the know anywhere you are, 24/7. The motion detection and push notification features alert you when something is detected.

You will not find video surveillance that’s easier to set up than this. Install Alfred the mobile app on both your old phone and your current phone. One is your new home security IP camera and your current phone will be used to Monitor the security camera system. Log in with the same E-mail and voila, you are now connected to your home security IP cam Alfred through WiFi or 3G/4G from anywhere in the world. Alfred even has a motion detector feature and you will be alerted with photo’s if Alfred picks anything up.

Does Alfred actually work?

  • Alfred is very easy to use and usually doesn‚Äôt even require directions.
  • Alfred supports multiple screens and multiple security cameras.
  • Alfred is perceptive and you get videos from Alfred when motions are detected.
  • Alfred is has a 2-way talk feature allows you to warn intruders.

What Exactly can Alfred do?

  • Act as your baby and pet monitor. Alfred makes sure you are the first one to know if your baby is crying or your pet‚Äôs are causing trouble. Using it‚Äôs motion detector, Alfred sends you a motion detection message right away.
  • Be your office surveillance camera and manage your staff and visitors.
  • Your nanny cam. Alfred makes this task super easy and it is always nice to keep a watchful eye.
  • Your complete home security camera system. Alfred will protect your doors and garage from any potential unwanted visitors. If your children are on their way home from school, if there is any suspicious looking people around, or if anyone stepped foot on your property and you want to know. Alfred ensures that you are alerted during any of these times and can keep you out of harm‚Äôs way.

What are you waiting for? Turn your old smartphone into a WebCam or IP camera and start watching over your home 24/7, and send you alerts if something comes up.

Can’t really find a more affordable home security when it comes to Alfred. Your phones have some pretty awesome camera’s so don’t just let them sit around. You could buy refurbished phones, second hand phones, or even re-purpose old broken phones at little or no cost and receive some decent home security.

I personally have found this app to be fun, stable and useful. I, like most people, had a spare android phone so I thought I would give it a shot. App seem’s pretty secure and reliable and has always worked great for me. For something so simple and easy to set-up the extra little bit of safety you feel from it is quite amazing.

Not only does it take photo’s to alert you, you can also pick which camera to use on your phone. I look forward to seeing future development’t in this app and am curious what it may lead to.

Author: Kyle Wood
Kyle joins us at DIYHomeSecurityGuide with multiple years of experience in the home security industry. He has been dealing with home security products and equipment for as long as he can remember. He’s installed, troubleshooted, and reviewed the best home security equipment and technology and is passionate about sharing his personal research.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Alfred: Use Your Spare Smartphone As a Security Camera
By iNinja - March 13

There are plenty of decent security cameras around. If you already have a spare smartphone, there is no reason no to use it to keep an eye on your home. Alfred can help. You will need two smartphones to get started. Alfred not only lets you keep an eye on your place, it also offers motion detection. You can have multiple cameras and viewers. Since you are using two smartphones, two-way communication is possible. Alfred also lets take snapshots from your smartphone. Like what you see? You can find Alfred on Google Play.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Let Alfred Watch Your House by Mrs Geek

If you have a house that will be empty when you’re traveling, you’ll like Alfred!

Alfred is a free app and the only hardware it needs is an old smartphone or tablet that you’re not using anymore. Your house will also need a good, always on, Internet connection with WiFi. It started as an Android only App but recently released an iOS version. The Android version has a few more features, but both work.

The Camera(s)
Using an old phone or tablet, connect to WiFi and download the Alfred App from the play store. Install Alfred and log in using your Google account.
Set that phone in a location where it has a good view of what you want to watch, plug it into power and turn on the Alfred app. This is your Camera ‚Äď just leave it on, using Alfred, all the time.

The Viewer
With your current Android phone, install Alfred and log in to your google account so you can view what the camera(s) are seeing ‚Äď this phone is your Viewer.
That’s it! And it’s Free! Alfred also handles sound, it could be a baby monitor where you hear the baby crying, or you could shout at burglars! Note: the iPhone camera does not support 2-way talk. It also has motion detection and can send a notification to your phone when something is happening. When the motion detector triggers a notification, it will also automatically record the camera stream for 5 seconds. You can manually record the view anytime.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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How to Turn Your Old Smartphone Into a CCTV Camera

There is an app for that! Download Alfred to the old device you are no longer using on a daily basis, log in with Gmail, and set it as Camera. Repeat on the phone that you use and set it as Viewer. Alternatively, open our WebViewer in Firefox or Chrome and monitor your old smartphone-turned CCTV from there!

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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The 25 Best Free Android Apps

Bargain-Basement Dropcam
Got an old Android phone sitting in a drawer? Alfred turns it into a remote security camera (Android or iOS). Just tie your two phones together with your Google account, set the old phone up in your house somewhere, and use your current phone to tap into it whenever you want to keep an eye on things from afar.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Alfred macht aus eurem Androiden eine Überwa­chungs­kamera mit Echtzeit-Bild und Bewegungs­melder

Am 27.03.2015 veröffentlicht Lesezeit etwa 8:16 Minuten

Mit der kostenlosen App Alfred l√§sst sich euer ausge¬≠dienter Androide zu einer simplen, aber funktionalen √úberwa¬≠chungs¬≠kamera umfunk¬≠tio¬≠nieren ‚Äď inklusive Echtzeit-Bild und Bewegungs¬≠melder.

Alte, ausran¬≠gierte Smart¬≠phones (vor allem mit Android) sind zwar h√§ufig im Alltag √ľberholt, lassen sich aber h√§ufig noch f√ľr spezielle Zwecke gebrauchen. Als Musik-Quelle in Bad oder K√ľche, als universelle Fernbe¬≠dienung ‚Äď oder eben auch als √úberwa¬≠chungs¬≠kamera f√ľr eure Wohnung, zumindest sofern die r√ľckseitig angebrachte Kamera ein wenig zu gebrauchen ist. Auf genau diese Anwendung zielt die App Alfred ab (im deutschen Play Store unter ‚ÄěVideo¬≠√ľber¬≠wachung IP-Kamera‚Äú vorzu¬≠finden). Zusam¬≠men¬≠gefasst l√§sst sich √ľber App sagen: Ihr k√∂nnt euren alten Androiden als IP-Kamera f√ľr Zuhause nutzen und per zweitem Smartphone auf diese zugreifen. Das ganze l√§uft dabei nicht √ľber irgend¬≠welche Dritt¬≠server, sondern wird per direkter Peer-2-Peer-Verbindung abgewickelt, was zus√§tzlich zum fehlenden Server noch den Vorteil hat, dass die Verbindung einen deut schneller sein d√ľrfte. Einzige Voraus¬≠setzung ist ein Google-Konto, denn die Verbindung bezie¬≠hungsweise Erkennung der Ger√§te unter¬≠einander l√§uft √ľber eben jenes Konto.

Die Einrichtung der Apps ist ebenso schnell wie einfach von der Hand: Ihr m√ľsst die App erst einmal auf beiden Ger√§ten instal¬≠lieren, danach nehmt ihr erst einmal das als IP-Kamera vorge¬≠sehene Ger√§t und starten dort die App. Hier w√§hlt ihr nun den Modus ‚ÄěKamera‚Äú und best√§tigt die Auswahl. Kurzer Einriss: Wundert euch nicht √ľber die mehr als holprige √úbersetzung ins Deutsche, wird euch an einigen Punkten noch begegnen, aber dennoch ist alles irgendwie verst√§ndlich. Mehr Einstel¬≠lungen ben√∂tigt das Kamera-Ger√§t eigentlich nicht. Optional k√∂nnt ihr noch einen Energie¬≠sparmodus aktivieren, welcher das Display abdunkelt ‚Äď das Ger√§t selbst ausschalten d√ľrft ihr logischerweise nicht, da Android die App dann in den Hintergrund bringt und die Kamera nicht mehr aktiv ist, logische Sache. Au√üerdem k√∂nnt ihr die Bewegungs¬≠er¬≠kennung aktivieren (geht auch vom anderen Ger√§t), die Audio¬≠√ľber¬≠mittlung deakti¬≠vieren und die verbundenen Viewer-Ger√§te einsehen.

Dieses Ger√§t bringt ihr nun inklusive Stromkabel an einer geeigneten Stelle an, womit die Einrichtung des Ger√§tes erst einmal abgeschlossen ist und wir zum eigent¬≠lichen Betrachter-Ger√§t kommen k√∂nnen ‚Äď hier gibt es auch wesentlich mehr zu entdecken. Auch auf diesem Ger√§t m√ľsst ihr euch erst einmal mit eurem Google-Konto authen¬≠ti¬≠fi¬≠zieren und k√∂nnt euer Ger√§t daraufhin als ‚ÄěVorschau¬≠fenster‚Äú einrichten. In der Haupt¬≠ansicht der App seht ihr dann alle eure einge¬≠richteten IP-Kameras ‚Äď habt ihr also mehrere alte Smart¬≠phones mit Android und wollt mehrere R√§ume √ľberwachen, so ist das ebenso m√∂glich. Neben einem kurzen Kamera-Shot seht ihr auch den aktuellen Akkustand und die Anzahl der Meldungen des Bewegungs¬≠melders.

Habt ihr die gew√ľnschte Kamera per einfachen Tap ausgew√§hlt, erhaltet ihr innerhalb von ein paar Sekunden ein Live-Bild ‚Äď je nach Einstellung mit oder ohne Audio¬≠√ľber¬≠tragung. Wie gut die √úbertragung ist, variiert nat√ľrlich von Verbindung zu Verbindung, √ľber LTE aber konnte ich keine Unter¬≠schiede gegen√ľber einer WiFi-Verbindung erkennen. √úber das Mikrophon-Symbol k√∂nnt ihr die IP-Kamera zu einer Art Walkie-Talkie machen und Sprache auf die andere Seite der Live-Bilder trans¬≠por¬≠tieren, des Weiteren gibt es auch die M√∂glich¬≠keiten das Bild zu drehen, die Taschenlampe des Kamera-Ger√§tes zu aktivieren, die Kamera zu wechseln oder auch einen Nachtmodus zu aktivieren, welcher doch √ľberra¬≠schend gute Bilder liefert ‚Äď h√§tte ich schlechter vermutet.

Außerdem könnt ihr auch ein paar Optionen verändern. So könnt ihr zum Beispiel einen automa­tischen Nacht­sichtmodus bei geringer Licht­stärke aktivieren und den Bewegungs­melder einrichten, wobei ihr vor dem Praxis­einsatz einmal auspro­bieren solltet, wie euer als Kamera einge­richtetes Smartphone auf die unter­schied­lichen Empfind­lich­keiten reagiert. Ebenso könnt ihr auch Benach­rich­ti­gungen aktivieren, sodass ihr euch bei Erkennung einer Bewegung per Ton oder Vibration benach­richtigen lassen könnt.

Im Falle der Benach¬≠rich¬≠ti¬≠gungen erhaltet ihr eben eine Push-Notifi¬≠cation inklusive einer Moment¬≠aufnahme, innerhalb der App k√∂nnt ihr aber auch nochmals durch die fr√ľheren Bewegungs¬≠melder-Aufnahmen st√∂bern, diese werden je nach Einstellung sieben oder vierzehn Tage auf eurem Ger√§t gespeichert, bevor diese automatisch gel√∂scht werden.

Zu guter Letzt nochmal ein paar kurze Worte zum Traffic der App: Bei einer Benach¬≠rich¬≠tigung konnte ich stabile 500 KB pro Benach¬≠rich¬≠tigung verbuchen, bei einem laufenden und aktiven Live-Bild fielen pro Minute zwischen 600 KB und 1 MB an ‚Äď einen festen Wert konnte ich nicht ermitteln, dieser lag grund¬≠s√§tzlich irgendwo zwischen diesen beiden Werten. Die √úbertragung aber ist zumindest mit LTE recht stabil und solide, da die Framerate von den Entwicklern auf etwa 10 Frames pro Sekunde reduziert wurde ‚Äď im Schnitt sollte man so 8-9 Bilder pro Sekunde erreichen k√∂nnen.

Mal von der erw√§hnten holprigen deutschen √úbersetzung abgesehen macht Alfred einen rundum soliden Eindruck. Zwar k√∂nnte man hier und da optisch sicherlich noch etwas mehr herausholen, dies aber sollte hier keine gro√üe Kritik darstellen ‚Äď immerhin ist der Dienst komplett kostenlos. Wer also keine Lust hat, Geld f√ľr eine kleine IP-Kamera auszugeben und noch ein altes Android-Smartphone besitzt, der kann sich Alfred gerne einmal anschauen, ich f√ľr meinen Teil war w√§hrend meines Testlaufs zufrieden.

Bislang nur f√ľr Android zu haben sollen zuk√ľnftig aber auch noch eine Web-App und eine App f√ľr iOS zwecks Live-Bild folgen ‚Äď ebenso ist ein Premium-Dienst geplant, womit man sich eben finan¬≠zieren m√∂chte. Wie genau dieser aussehen soll ist noch nicht bekannt, ich werde Alfred aber mal im Auge behalten.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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##ALFRED macht aus dem Android-Smartphone eine √úberwachungskamera

Android-Smartphones bieten alles, denn neben einer Kamera gibt es Mobilfunk, WLAN, Bluetooth, einen integrierten Datenspeicher und vieles mehr. Die perfekte Voraussetzung f√ľr eine drahtlose √úberwachungskamera. ALFRED ist eine Android-App, die genau diese M√∂glichkeiten bietet. Selbst ein Stromausfall w√§re kein Problem, verf√ľgen Smartphones ja bekannterweise √ľber einen Akku.

Besonders nice ist, dass man direkt mehrere Kameras einrichten kann, auf die zudem mehrere Nutzer zugreifen k√∂nnen. Es gibt Live-Bilder, √ľber Motion-Sensoring k√∂nnt ihr via Benachrichtigungen bei Auff√§lligkeiten gewarnt werden, es l√§sst sich zwischen den verf√ľgbaren Kameras eines Ger√§tes hin- und herschalten und vieles mehr.

Wer also eventuell ein altes Gerät rumliegen hat oder vielleicht einfach keine teure IP-Cam kaufen möchte, sollte sich ALFRED definitiv mal näher anschauen. Ihr bekommt die Android-App kostenlos bei Google Play angeboten, ich werde später selbst mal mein altes Moto X einrichten.

(via Blogtogo)

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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##BestTipps: Smartphone als √úberwachungskamera

Bewegungserkennung, Nachtmodus. Zwei-Wege Sprachkommunikation: Auch wenn alte Smartphones mit einer Kamera f√ľrs fotografieren kaum noch zu gebrauchen sind - mit einer entsprechenden App nachr√ľstet, taugen sie immer noch als √úberwachungskamera.

Wer noch ein altes Kamera-Smartphone mit Android oder iOS in der Schublade liegen hat, wird damit kaum noch fotografieren. Dass die ausrangierte Technik trotzdem noch zu etwas Nutze sein kann, zeigt die kostenlose App ‚ÄúAlfred‚ÄĚ. Sie macht aus dem Smartphone-Oldie eine √úberwa¬≠chungs¬≠kamera mit Echtzeit-Bild und Bewegungs¬≠melder, die man f√ľr alle m√∂glichen Zwecke nutzen kann ‚Äď beispielsweise als Babyphone oder Einbruchsmelder. Wie das funktioniert, zeigt dieses Video der Kollegen von techstage:

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Introducing Alfred: Android Based CCTV

How Google’s OS, and Alfred, can help to secure your home

Best homes security system on your phone

Turn two of your smartphones into a CCTV system, using the Alfred app. Image by Maksim Kabakou/Shutterstock.

Sometimes, having appropriate locks on your doors and windows isn’t enough to secure your home. You can also mark your valuables with a security pen, detailing your name, address and postcode. Another common way to secure your home includes CCTV, but systems can either be over-engineered or expensive for smaller properties. Taking its name from Batman’s butler is the Alfred app, a low-cost solution powered by two Android devices.

Installing Alfred is straightforward. All you need is a Google Account and two mobile phones. One of which should be an Android-powered device, with a second phone as the CCTV camera. Alfred supports more than two phones allowing for multi-camera setups. Its flexibility means the camera phone could either be taped onto a wall, mounted on a mini tripod or camera stand, or placed on a bookshelf.

Through the power of push notifications, you are notified of any changes of motion in your property. It automatically adjusts the video quality according to your connection speeds. Two-way talking and snapshotting facilities are also available. Plus you can keep an eye on things through your PC or tablet screen.

Other uses of Alfred

Besides its application as a bargain basement answer to CCTV systems, it is also useful as a Baby Alert device. Moreover, you can also watch your pets, which could make for a good private webcam for your dog, cat, rabbit or tarantula.

Other versions of Alfred

You can get the same app for your iOS device via Apple’s App Store.

Tutorial Video

The app’s developers have created a nifty tutorial video, which you can see below.


Storage Space Required: 8.2MB (Android)/22MB (iOS);
Works on: Android 2.3+ Gingerbread/iOS 8.0+;
Designed for: all Android phones and tablets/all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices;
Website: .

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Alfred ‚Äď Home Security transforma o celular numa c√Ęmera de vigil√Ęncia

por ALINE JESUS em 13/05/2015 09h11

Alfred ‚Äď Home Security Surveillance IP Camera √© uma ferramenta de seguran√ßa que pode transformar qualquer celular com em uma c√Ęmera de vigil√Ęncia ‚Äď com f√°cil utiliza√ß√£o e sem custo. Basta ter dois smart devices, um filmando e outro para o monitoramento, e uma conta do Gmail para fazer login.

Nossa opini√£o
Alfred ‚Äď Home Security Surveillance IP Camera √© um dos melhores aplicativos de monitoramento de ambiente que voc√™ pode encontrar para seu celular. E o melhor: gratuito, sendo compat√≠vel tanto com Android como com iOS. Uma op√ß√£o que pode acabar sendo √ļtil para muita gente.

O TechTudo testou as duas vers√Ķes, fazendo a comunica√ß√£o entre uma e outra, e o resultado foi √≥timo. Usando a mesma rede WiFi, foi poss√≠vel colocar um gadget para monitorar e outro para assistir o conte√ļdo de forma bem simples e pr√°tica. O grande destaque fica justamente para esta boa performance.

Mesmo sendo em ingl√™s, Alfred ‚Äď Home Security Surveillance IP Camera conta com uma usabilidade boa, com o painel bem organizado e sem precisar de mais de ‚Äútr√™s ou quatro‚ÄĚ toques na tela para o usu√°rio fazer o que tem que fazer. √Č s√≥ ter dois smarts e uma conta do Gmail, como os pr√≥prios desenvolvedores dizem.

O √ļnico ponto negativo est√° na aus√™ncia de duas funcionalidades importantes: uma seria uma ferramenta de gravar v√≠deos. Afinal, de nada adianta voc√™, por exemplo, ver que um ladr√£o entrou na sua casa, se voc√™ n√£o tiver provas disso depois. E outra √© que ele s√≥ √© compat√≠vel com smartphones. N√£o h√° um site para monitorar as imagens via web.

Por isso, Alfred ‚Äď Home Security Surveillance IP Camera √© um app muito bom, mas que ainda tem espa√ßo para melhorar. De qualquer forma, se voc√™ quer usar um celular para monitorar sua casa, seja por conta do sono do beb√™ ou por falta de seguran√ßa, vale sim fazer o download deste app.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Crie um sistema de vigil√Ęncia com o Alfred

Artigo escrito por Sergio Motta e arquivado em: Android.

Alfred √© um aplicativo gratuito para Android que permite que voc√™ transforme o seu smartphone antigo em uma c√Ęmera de vigil√Ęncia que voc√™ pode utilizar para monitorar resid√™ncias, escrit√≥rios e outros ambientes.

Alfred √© muito simples de usar. Primeiro, instale o aplicativo no smartphone antigo, que ser√° utilizado como c√Ęmera de vigil√Ęncia. Em seguida instale-o no smartphone que ser√° usado para ver as imagens da c√Ęmera.

Uma vez feito isso, basta você fazer login com a mesma conta do Google nos dois telefones para monitorar a partir de qualquer lugar do planeta a sua casa, escritório ou outro ambiente qualquer, via Wi-Fi, 3G ou 4G.

Voc√™ pode assistir a transmiss√£o, alternar entre a c√Ęmera frontal e traseira e tirar fotos. Uma caracter√≠stica interessante do Alfred √© que ele ajusta automaticamente a qualidade do v√≠deo de acordo com sua conex√£o.

Se voc√™ n√£o tem tempo para ficar assistindo a transmiss√£o em tempo real, voc√™ pode usar a ‚Äúdetec√ß√£o de movimento‚ÄĚ que lhe envia um alerta com foto quando um movimento √© detectado pela c√Ęmera de vigil√Ęncia.

Além disso, ele oferece um recurso de comunicação por áudio, que você pode usar para intimidar o invasor ou então para cantar para o seu bebê, falar com seu animal de estimação remotamente e assim por diante.

Em resumo, Alfred √© uma √≥tima solu√ß√£o de seguran√ßa para voc√™ monitorar sua casa, crian√ßas, animais de estima√ß√£o, etc. Ele √© simples de usar e oferece todos os recursos para voc√™ criar um sistema de vigil√Ęncia.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Novo aplicativo transforma celular em ‚Äúc√Ęmera de seguran√ßa‚ÄĚ

J√° pensou na possibilidade de usar o dispositivo fotogr√°fico do seu celular como c√Ęmera de seguran√ßa? Pois √© exatamente essa a ideia do Alfred ‚Äď Home Security Surveillance IP Camera, um aplicativo que promete ajudar na seguran√ßa do lar por meio do monitoramento em tempo real de qualquer ambiente. Gratuito e dispon√≠vel tanto para aparelhos [‚Ķ]

Fonte: Divulgação
Data de publicação: 28/08/2015

J√° pensou na possibilidade de usar o dispositivo fotogr√°fico do seu celular como c√Ęmera de seguran√ßa? Pois √© exatamente essa a ideia do Alfred ‚Äď Home Security Surveillance IP Camera, um aplicativo que promete ajudar na seguran√ßa do lar por meio do monitoramento em tempo real de qualquer ambiente.

Gratuito e dispon√≠vel tanto para aparelhos modernos, que rodem em Android ou iOS, o app disponibiliza uma c√Ęmera de vigil√Ęncia para saber o que est√° acontecendo em cada c√īmodo da casa. Para isso, basta sincronizar um dispositivo m√≥vel com a conta Google e, conectado via wi-fi, 3G ou 4G, voc√™ ter√° acesso √†s imagens.

Para desfrutar da melhor forma possível, veja abaixo o passo a passo para fazer a configuração.

Primeira etapa: baixando o app

Fa√ßa o download do Alfred para o seu smartphone e aperte o bot√£o ‚ÄúIniciar‚ÄĚ para come√ßar a us√°-lo. Feito isso, escolha se o app ir√° funcionar como c√Ęmera de vigil√Ęncia ou espectador. Selecione ‚ÄúC√Ęmera‚ÄĚ primeiro e, logo em seguida, toque em ‚ÄúPr√≥ximo‚ÄĚ.

Segunda etapa: conta Google

Defina com qual conta Google quer fazer o acesso. Aperte ‚ÄúOk‚ÄĚ e espere pela conex√£o. Quando a c√Ęmera estiver online, um item verde ser√° mostrado.

Terceira etapa: ajustes

Selecione o √≠cone de ‚ÄúTr√™s pontos‚ÄĚ que aparece no menu e, se desejar, adicione tamb√©m a fun√ß√£o de ‚ÄúDetec√ß√£o de movimentos‚ÄĚ. Ap√≥s isso, clique em ‚ÄúOk‚ÄĚ.

Quarta etapa: ajustes de √°udio

O Alfred ainda permite escolher por captar ou n√£o o som ambiente com o microfone da c√Ęmera. Basta ir no menu e apertar em ‚Äú√Āudio on‚ÄĚ para ativar ou ‚Äú√Āudio off‚ÄĚ para desativar.

Quinta etapa: fun√ß√£o ‚ÄúEspectador‚ÄĚ

Ao ativar essa fun√ß√£o, o usu√°rio passa a ter acesso √†s c√Ęmeras ativadas em outros dispositivos com a mesma conta Google. Para isso, √© s√≥ ir ao menu (s√≠mbolo de ‚ÄúTr√™s pontos‚ÄĚ), selecionar ‚ÄúNotifica√ß√£o‚ÄĚ e, na tela seguinte, ativar a chave ‚ÄúLig‚ÄĚ.

Sexta etapa: dicas

O item localizado do lado direito da tela d√° dicas de como posicionar o aparelho para que ele funcione da melhor forma poss√≠vel como c√Ęmera de seguran√ßa e n√£o seja descoberto.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Alfred - C√Ęmera de seguran√ßa para iPhone e iPad

Por Ana Editel | 17:55

Alfred transforma seus smartphones n√£o utilizados em c√Ęmeras de vigil√Ęncia, e isso, gratuitamente. O smartphone √© definitivamente mais vers√°til e poderoso do que as c√Ęmeras IP do mercado. Se voc√™ estiver procurando uma solu√ß√£o de seguran√ßa para a sua casa, monitorar seu beb√™, monitorar seu animal de estima√ß√£o, agora voc√™ pode contar com Alfred. Este aplicativo prop√Ķe um sistema de vigil√Ęncia por v√≠deo. A app funciona em iPhones, iPads e smartphones Android,

Principais funcionalidades
Alfred √© amig√°vel, muito f√°cil de usar e suporta m√ļltiplas c√Ęmeras. Depois de selecionar a sua c√Ęmera, voc√™ pode ver o local que est√° sendo monitorado, de 1 a 3 segundos, mesmo quando voc√™ estiver usando uma conex√£o m√≥vel. Alfred √© bastante eficaz, dependendo da velocidade de sua rede, ele ajusta a qualidade do v√≠deo para que voc√™ tenha imagens mais n√≠tidas e em streaming, al√©m de voc√™ poder alternar, remotamente, as c√Ęmeras frontal e traseira, ligar, desligar e tirar fotos.

Para configurar este sistema de vigil√Ęncia, basta instalar o aplicativo em dois telefones inteligentes com conex√£o Internet e vincul√°-los √† mesma conta Gmail. Ele poder√° fazer com que um dos celulares funcione como c√Ęmera e o outro como dispositivo visualizador. Inclusive, voc√™ poder√° ver a c√Ęmera de seguran√ßa no seu PC, pelo navegador Firefox.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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La inseguridad es actualmente en el mundo entero una de las problem√°ticas de mayor discusi√≥n entre la opini√≥n p√ļblica, y debido a ello las empresas que brindan seguridad privada, como as√≠ tambi√©n los avanzados sistemas de alarma y monitoreo suelen ser cada vez m√°s requeridos por la gente.

No obstante, en general este tipo de sistemas suelen tener un costo bastante elevado, que no todos queremos o podemos afrontar, por lo que siempre están surgiendo nuevas alternativas económicas, y hasta incluso gratuitas.

Y como no podía ser de otra manera, en el mundo Android también existen opciones que nos permiten convertir un smartphone en una cámara de vigilancia, a través de una gran variedad de aplicaciones que son desarrolladas para esos fines.

Tal es el caso de Alfred, una aplicación de cámara IP de vigilancia espía, desarrollada por Alfred Labs Inc, que nos ofrece de forma gratuita la posibilidad de mejorar la seguridad de nuestra casa o nuestro lugar de trabajo aprovechando las ventajas de poder usar para ello nuestros teléfonos inteligentes con Android.

En líneas generales, esta aplicación hace que nuestro dispositivo Android funcione como una cámara de vigilancia, que nos permite llevar a cabo el seguimiento de lo que sucede en un espacio determinado en tiempo real. Los datos que captura la herramienta a través de nuestro smartphone, son enviados al dispositivo Android, que en ese momento tenemos en nuestro poder, a través de la sincronización automática por intermedio de nuestra cuenta de Google.

De esta manera, la aplicación utiliza las redes Wi-Fi, 3G y 4G para enviarnos en tiempo real lo que está capturando. Una de las grandes ventajas es que se trata de una app muy sencilla de utilizar y que además nos ofrece una interesante variedad de opciones. No obstante, podríamos criticarle el hecho de que no graba y almacena de los videos que registra, y que la visualización sólo puede llevarse a cabo en smartphones.

A continuación te contamos cómo utilizar esta fantástica cámara de seguridad gratuita:

Paso 1: Lo primero que haremos será descargar e instalar en nuestros dispositivos Android la aplicación gratuita, la cual puedes encontrar en este enlace.

Paso 2: Una vez instalada, la ejecutamos y pulsamos en el bot√≥n de inicio (Start). En la siguiente pantalla definimos en principio el dispositivo que utilizaremos como espectador (Viewer) y luego el que usaremos como c√°mara, y por √ļltimo tocamos el bot√≥n para seguir (Next)

Paso 3: Es sumamente importante que verifiquemos correctamente que la cuenta de Google sea la que vamos a utilizar, para que la sincronización que se realice entre ambos equipos sea la adecuada.

Paso 4: Entre la opciones que nos brinda la app en su configuraci√≥n, a trav√©s del men√ļ (al cual accedemos desde el icono de tres puntos) podemos optar por utilizar opciones como ‚ÄúDetecci√≥n de movimiento‚ÄĚ, la cual es una de las m√°s recomendables. Tambi√©n desde aqu√≠ podemos optar por capturar o no el audio del video que se est√° registrando.

Paso 5: Para comenzar, no debemos olvidarnos de activar el interruptor y dejarlo en modo ‚ÄúON‚ÄĚ.

Paso 6: Es importante destacar que con esta aplicaci√≥n podemos a√Īadir varias c√°maras activadas en tiempo real, siempre a trav√©s de la misma cuenta de Google, por lo cual los viejos tel√©fonos que ya no usamos los podemos poner en funcionamiento para mejorar la seguridad de nuestro hogar.

Por √ļltimo, es importante tener en cuenta que desde el men√ļ de la aplicaci√≥n tambi√©n podemos acceder a interesantes consejos que nos ofrecen los desarrolladores acerca de cu√°les son las mejores opciones para posicionar las c√°maras para que no sean descubiertas.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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##Al√©m das fotos: 7 coisas para fazer com a c√Ęmera de celular

(Image source)

As c√Ęmeras dos smartphones est√£o cada vez melhores! Mas sabia que, al√©m de tirar fotos, d√° para fazer v√°rias coisas com elas? Olha s√≥:

1. C√Ęmera de seguran√ßa
Se voc√™ tem um aparelho velhinho, que n√£o usa mais, pode aproveitar para usar como c√Ęmera de seguran√ßa! Com o aplicativo Alfred: C√Ęmera de Seguran√ßa, por exemplo, d√° para gravar v√≠deos da sua casa.

√Č s√≥ baixar o app no celular antigo, para captar as imagens, e no seu smartphone novo, para conseguir ver os v√≠deos em tempo real. D√° para alternar entre as c√Ęmeras traseira e frontal e tirar fotos remotamente; al√©m disso, o app tem uma fun√ß√£o de detec√ß√£o de movimento, que envia um alerta quando um movimento √© detectado pela c√Ęmera.

E olha que legal: tem um app, chamado Monitor de Beb√™, que transforma o celular em uma bab√° eletr√īnica. Pela c√Ęmera, d√° para ver tudo o que a crian√ßa est√° fazendo!

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred: