Alfred in Kyoto


Hey Superheroes,

Alfred is blessed with an invitation to a startup event in Kyoto, Japan. We think this is a great opportunity to try different network condition, to understand what our traveler users may experience and meet some Japanese startup friends!!!

So I took these babies with me to the sky (oh, of course they were turned off during the flight.)

Would you like to know how Alfred performs when Cameras are left in one country and Viewers are brought to a different one? Stay tuned!!


Do you use Alfred every day?
If you do, you probably pay little attention to this little detail. When you open the camera list, Alfred gives you a preview of cameras that are online (and refreshes the thumbnail automatically every 15 seconds), and shows you the last frame from cameras that lose connection, with a timestamp.

I use Alfred every day, well, practically every hour since this is…my app. And I keep all my cameras alive. I remember asking my engineer colleagues the other afternoon, “Why are we showing current time and date on every camera? Isn’t that a bit redundant?” I had to be reminded that it is not the current time and date.

That is why when the photo was taken on Dec 05, the timestamp on s2 and on Eri, Momo were Nov 27. That viewer phone was turned off a week ago, and was never used to test the app until I arrived at the airport.


I think the hotel room is a great place to test Alfred, so the first thing I did, even before unpacking, was to set up Alfred. Where, in a hotel room, may be the best location for Alfred?

We received thank-you notes from Alfredians that travel a lot who found their stuff taken during housekeeping. I think if I can top their true stories with my personal experience, we will have more confidence introducing Alfred to travelers. After all, what is easier than placing your smartphone on your dresser, connecting it to hotel wifi and getting a stronger sense of security?

First thing first, I needed to find perfect locations for my Alfred devices. I want one Alfred to watch the door, one to watch my luggage and one at the bed. (After Ocean’s Twelve, you kind think hotel bedsheets may not be as clean as you assume.)

Can Alfred receive strong wifi signals there?

There is a wall socket behind the microwave and I thought Alfred can be set up on the tabletop but unfortunately the wifi signal is not too strong here.

Alfred gets better signals on the bedside. (By the way, look at the vintage phone.)

And on the dresser too.

To my surprise, I found the strongest wifi signal in the en-suite bathroom.

So, based on wifi strength, I set up my Alfred devices.


The thing about traveling is that you don’t always get stable, reliable internet connection, although your phone may say differently.

It shows that I am connected to hotel wifi but in fact my phone was still using LTE, so as a result, 1) the internet speed was different from my expectation, and 2) Smart Mode wasn’t turned on right away when I returned to my hotel room.

How do you tell when Alfred has done nothing wrong, and it was the internet issue influencing his performance?

When you are disconnected or when the connection is slow, uploading photos to Facebook or sending photo messages cannot be completed.

And you get messages like this


Do you know how many people it requires to keep one hotel room clean in Japan?

I was really surprised that four people were in my hotel room this afternoon, and also it may be my first time seeing men housekeeping.


Automatic night vision works great, especially in hotel rooms cuz usually when you leave your hotel room, the lights and AC are turned off, and it gets really dark in the room.

(Taken by a BenQ T3)


Thank you so much for sharing! I am staying at a hotel for the moment as well, and I might try to set my tablet up on the desk tomorrow. The only problem is I can’t see anything going on in the bathroom in that case, but still. It’s worth a go!