Alfred Helped Catch a Thief


Hello Alfred Team,

I cannot thank you enough for helping me catch the thief at my home. Our landlord’s son was breaking-in and stealing valuables at will. Here is the news item.

Many thanks and lots of luck for your team.


Alfred Completes Its First Mission Just 11 Hours After Installed
Alfred on YouTube!

Wow! Great news, this is exactly why Alfred delivers! :slight_smile:


Hi @amit.sharma.1,

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing this with us! We are appalled by what happened, but so so glad Alfred helped you catch the thief! I hope you wouldn’t mind us sharing the news with the community.

Please continue to support Alfred and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback/questions!


Yes, please feel free to share this and let me know if I can be of help.



Actually, @amit.sharma.1 we really need your help. We think Alfred can give more people a stronger sense of security. It has been our belief that we can build safer neighborhoods, one phone at a time. Do you know if there is any specific influencers or online communities that we can reach out to?


Hi @amit.sharma.1

We are working on a new post about how our superheroes should collect evidence after a burglary. I am wondering if you’d share with us the video that helped you solve the case? That will be so credible and helpful!!!

Thank you!!