Alfred has best professional cust. support and setup. With that being said.. I'm fed up w/ missing important security moments (NOT due to Wi-Fi) due to abruptly stopping recording when vehicle parks, NOT recording people exiting/walking/vandalizing! ~75ft



The delay in recording a vehicle as it pulls into my parking lot is unacceptable and even worse is how fast it stops recording (5 seconds total) is frustrating to say the least! Regardless of day or night, it’ll completely miss the subjects/criminals exiting vehicle, walking, and vandalizing/drug trafficking but then end up recording a second time of what most of the time ends up being the backend of the vehicle leaving the camera frame because the motion detection was apparently taking a break. (Again, this issue is not because of my wifi). Yes I’m premium but I’m test driving others because I cannot keep missing the whole 3 minutes of action once or twice a day at random times.


Might I suggest “Baby Monitor - Live Stream” (Offline Alfred) for a more instant notification. As well it only requires a Non Internet WiFi.


I greatly appreciate the suggestion. It’s not the delay in notification I’m concerned with. It’s the delay in beginning to record and worse yet is it immediately stops recording once the vehicle parks, completely missing the person exiting and walking away from vehicle. The camera is overlooking small parking lot from 2½ stories up so the straight/direct distance is approx 75 feet from camera to POI. With premium had option to continue recording in :15 seconds or :30 seconds increments up to 2 minutes. IF and only if Alfred is worried about having to increase their amount of servers/hard drives then either add it as an additional premium option or give it a whirl, collect data to analyze popularity and at least consider allowing premium users ability to predetermine 10 or 15 timeframes a week (120 or 90 mins each) for this option of extended recording to kick in automatically. Of course allowing users to schedule consecutive (back-to-back) extended timeframe allotments in case one needs to cover the weekends with extended recording times with each motion. Additionally, if a second motion is triggered during an extension in progress then it shall be morphed/merged in with the first motion trigger. Despite Keeping It Super Simple, aka KISS, it should make sense however, if not then don’t hesitate to ask me to explain further.


Hi Brandon,

We are sorry for what you have experienced.

Would you please provide a link to a Motion Event of such case so that we can look into it further for you? Thanks for the help!

Also, have you tried to set the sensitivity to HIGH? Put the Camera phones at different places might help, too.

We noticed that one of your Camera is not running the latest version of Alfred. Please make sure you have updated it on Google Play Store for the best performance.

Keep us posted if you find out anything!


I too use to have all these issues, but after using their offline version and Alfred for MANY years now. I have learned how to circumvent these annoyances. There are many things involved in the recording process;

  • Use 2 Cameras minimum, 1 viewing movement from Left and 1 from Right… Add more for Redundancy
  • Detection Sensitivity must be set to High, Never anything else
  • Location, location, location… Location setup is critical to proper recording
  • Night Time use a Flood Light aimed (Need Sensor Light set on TEST MODE)
  • If desiring longer detection, Set Flood sensor light to 2 min instead of Test Mode
  • You know you got too much light when your auto light sensor stays in day mode, not a bad thing necessarily if you can make it bright enough picture is better in day mode.
  • Flip Camera sideways, the trigger view is much wider Left to Right

Picture a + sign…

  • if you want to record movement coming down the road you want up and down trigger for longer view of detection leave phone normal flip,
  • if you want to record the movement coming into driveway and not down the road as much, then you want Left to Right trigger for longer view sideways.

If you get the right setup, ALFRED is ALMOST FLAWLESS

  • ALFRED needs to see something from wider/longer distance coming in.
  • ALFRED likes Shinny objects, sensor lights, USB light-strips, etc… as triggers
  • ALFRED needs lots of light at night, your phone does not have true night vision
  • ALFRED is very phone specific, each phone has better or less quality viewing and processing power, hence some phones trigger better than others and maintain network connection unhindered usually.
  • ALFRED needs uninterrupted network, many things are possible here

In the case of disconnections

  • People normally use internet and things buffer and you don’t realize intermittent internet, updates from the ISP side, IP conflicts when new device logs onto WiFi, Noise on your line, Construction work, Peak Hours for ISP, etc… Alfred may be intermittent for some of these reasons or more. I would suggest calling your ISP service to view any disconnections in the log or login to your modem or router and view logs yourself or get a Computer Systems Technologist like me to use teamviewer to look at other possible issues with internet in this scenario.

Might I suggest too that maybe you use ALFRED in live feed, and record your device

iOS screen recorder:
Android screen recorder:

Extended recording following motion triggers

I totally agree this is the stupidest app it shut you off doesn’t give you updates doesn’t let you do 9certain things that should be done and actually help the thief. I’m so fed up with this stupid app I bought it twice and just because I switched the phone says I have to wait till the subscription ends to update again f*** off Alfred



We are sorry for the inconvenience. Could you try something for us?

Go to Apps – Google Play Store, and clear cache. Try again and let us know if it works!

Since the subscription is tied with your Google account in Google Play, to prevent buying the same product repeatedly, you might not be able to upgrade to Alfred Premium twice with the same account. If so, there are three methods you can try:

  1. Log in with a different Google Play account to purchase the subscription.
  2. Subscribe to Alfred Premium via App Store
  3. Make the purchase from WebViewer (if you have set another payment account tied to PayPal)


Please let us know if you need further assistance. If you wish to keep your question private, you can send me a direct message here or contact us via Facebook: