Alfred = Fire hazzard. Burn your home for a small fee


Thank you for that cordial response. The phones I’m able to get hold of, aren’t the best. Often without original cables/ chargers. That said, the cable’s etc that I’ve bought are perfectly compatible.
No I’m just the charger with USB cable.

My signal does fluctuate. But that doesn’t explain the oldest most decrepit phone, having the best signal/uptime, when furthest away from from the modem.

Batteries are simply put. To be watched with care. 4 days ago a flight had to land owing to a seat fire from a battery.

Smart suitcases on board can no longer store lithium batteries.

Some airlines now carry bags in which a firey phone can be put.
The list is growing…

At least some people are starting realize the potential dangers.

Phones are, after all phones. We are told to plug them in, leave them plugged in, place them. Often in areas where they are hidden. This could mean, around combustible materials too? Depends on user…

As many will have noticed. This was not a reflection on Alfred, but merely pointing out the facts as they are.
Alfred is but one of many apps.
All bare the same issues.
Even my laptop battery.

All of my devices will be outside. One still remains indoors and believe me.

I do not want to see that message.
“Phone not charging”.
Twice that meant the battery emitting gas and tripling in size in less than 2 days after previous checking.

It’s up to the individual.
Best regards.


My speed cam box


Buying cheap stuff from China sounds like that’s your problem… i’ve always thought about that but I have phones running on this app for years as cameras and have never even been warm. $1000 phones and $50 phones. App seems to use a fair bit of power so it keeps your battery working well even though on constant charge. I found of your phone sometimes gets a bit overheated and majorly drains the battery no good having viewer running all the time
With other apps.


Hi. Yep, but. Most things are made in China. That’s why Donald is flapping.
In any case, this was the source in this case. Brand I mean.

Just for consumer info. Since everyone seems to be luckier.

Battery bulge:
Weather extremely hot.
Message: Phone not charging.

This was a false positive. I often get power outages so why worry?

Around 48 hours later. Battery was tripled in size.

Sorry I cannot give a timescale between that and it actually catching fire.

I’ve had a house fire. I don’t want it again.
With respect, It isn’t my problem, it is a problem no one should ignore.
May never happen?

I sincerely hope it doesn’t to anyone. I really like Alfred, truthfully I do. It has helped me a lot.

I see people driving around with crosses dangling from car windows. Nothing will happen to them because of this.

I take a different route frankly.

Thank you very much for your reply, to the mods for allowing this post.

Cheers all.