Alfred = Fire hazzard. Burn your home for a small fee


My full write up won’t be on Google play. There are other places.
5 Batteries burst. 2 phones seriously overheating, now dead. 1 battery on order from China. 2 phones completely fried. Probably delivered in 4 weeks.

I see you’ve put a message saying basically. If it doesn’t work, contact your service provider. That really got to me.

So. If I ‘WANNA’ say something about your ‘brand’ based on experience. I most certainly will.

I wonder… When one day a house burns, people die. Will you be accountable? Yes, I think so. Reason?
Old phones get older. Your weekest link. I said this moons ago.
Super dooper logo though. Please add some yellow and red for authenticity!

Sure buy an old phone with no service history. Stick it somewhere and wait…

And please…
Spare me the reaching out, sorry you are… phrase, it doesn’t become you.



You talking about “a” paricular hrand of older phones? I run Alfred for weeks on a beat up old galaxy 5. No issues over heating.

If course I"m usung the same wall unit and I’ve removed or disabled anything not needed for Alfred.


You make it out as if Alfred company manufactured these devices and batteries. Maybe… these devices are old and the batteries are as well. Also maybe you are not using the original cord and wall adapter and maybe that adapter is rated too high for the old device and battery.
This is a stupid complaint to the company that did not supply you with said devices or batteries and they sure as fuck didn’t MAKE you use them or do anytiing. I would guess they are cheap brands too made in China.
Our oldest phone used is a Motorola Razr and it doesn’t even get warm so no need to say our old Samsung Flagship phones are cool as well.
Do you want to write a letter to Walmart because you took a bite and tried eating the glass you got there? Sounds stupid I know but it is a reflection of this complaint.


Weeks… mine are permanent! Lol. Fools complaint is all this is.


Live it up fuzball. You don’t have a clue about what I said. I didn’t swear.

Really, I don’t give a hoot. Go on with it. I said what I said.

‘Your’ time will tell if anything I said was wrong.
Go for it, plug it in forever and wait.

I notice the backroom silent. Makes me even more concerned.

Last post. Done here.


I do believe I comprehended clearly very much so on what you were saying. It doesnt take a PHD to understand you have phones that are old and getting hot, instead of taking my advice and checking the chargers and cords to make sure they are appropriate for said devices that are clearly having an issue, you want to tell people that DO know what the hell they are talking about that we esentially are too stupid to understand your very simple and basic issue and still want go gun for a company that has nothing to do with said issue. Alfred Camera is not plotting to blownup phones and burn houses down. Lol… absurd. Now if too lazy to simply look at power adapter rating and cross reference with the device(s). The LEAST you could do is go to that devices manufacturers forum or contact their customer service. I can just about bet the first thing they will want to do… ready for it… is have you check the power adapters and cords to make sure they are rated properly and/or are not cheap generic things bought at the local Dollar Store
They HAVE been plugged in for months now.
No hot phones, maybe that has to do with the quality of the phones build.
No one said you swore… but I did and the great thing about living in Mer’ca (hells yeah) is freedom of speech and since I am not an employee of said company, i can word my views how ever I feel. After all I am a paid Premium member.
What back room?!?! Now I see why ADT and the like change SO damn much per month. They are compensating their reps for dealing with endless drivel and nonsense.


@jake_h LoL you got to much time on your hands


Possibbly. But that is what happens when one loses their job. Lol.


Onwards and upwards my friend


Do you have a PHD?
I have many friends colleagues with them. I can’t remember one single time any of them thought, my thoughts were invalid.

I guess you must have ‘hand picked’ me for these comments. If you don’t have a job, learn something new.
I make it absolute practice, to learn at least one thing a day. My survival absolutely depends on my brain to cope.

So when a stranger calls me an idiot. I smile. Because what I’m surrounded by, knows by intention, this is not the case, though never infallible. That’s where the plot get’s lost.

Wishing you the best of days. Please check your spelling before posting. It’s easy. There’s an edit button. But please forgive me. I’d call it something else.

Get that monkey off your back, please oh please. Just drop it.



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Gentlemen please, we are all here to try to communicate in an intelligible manor. Let’s all have an opinion as we are entitled to and then we can agree or disagree and give an alternative view or opinion.
Good day


Linux is up and running. I don’t need the drama here.
Also. I’m tired of the 'Good Cop, Bad Cop. Around Alfred.
Not very brandy or corporate is it.
Good day to you too!


We are just users like yourself. Are you using ZoneMinder ?


Yes pinky. One battery, one connection, one worry.
I have everything on offer in an app. But much more.
There’s a possibility to use my existing cctv cams too.
Globally, problem is Usb. That can be worked around, depending on the laptop. Oddly older laptops have a slot which modern one’s don’t have for expansion.
Again, workarounds.

Cooling is always a problem left alone. That right there is the crux of the issue, plus my particular problems including Connections.

Still. I may wander down to the flea market, hear some lies and purchase more fire hazzards, though I rather doubt I’ll be doing that now.

Did my speed cam box, up there, caused a stir that one.
Post a pic sometime. Looks pretty cool I think.



Looking forward to the pictures. I had ZoneMinder running for a while but the lack of sound support spoiled it. Sound support is now available but it’s a lot of fluffing around. I just run my Contacam for my IP and USB cameras. It’s in a cool cupboard with a fan. It’s my preferred option, once I can get it to connect to my old phones onvif feed from another well known App that’s the way I will go. But I will keep Alfred on my front door. He’s outside on a wall so no fire risk.


Full HD, well 720 using interpolation but it’s real clear, ad free, proper IR night vision. Motion detection and live view simultaneously, pre-record and post record after motion as long or short as you like. All for free if you use Alfred’s interpretation. Or £15 for the IP camera.


We both asked for a lite version. We got a new logo.
I can’t say it better than that.

I’m a very determined mthfrooker. I will find what works best here.

My wish is reconnect after wifi down. Simple.
Can do it with everything in this republic but that!



My IP cameras record locally to the micro SD card as well as to the server over WiFi. There’s an ethernet connection as well if you’re in to doing some wiring. so I still have captures if the internet goes down which has only happened once in twelve years and if the router goes on the blink I still got recording local to the IP cameras and also to my swann external IP cameras which are hardwired to the DVR. Power outage I’m stuffed.


Anyone can complain or blame whoever or whatever they want. Rather it’s opinion or based on fact is the question. Responding with a complaint novel about someone else complaining is unneccessary & not what this blog is about.
I would like to also know about what this user discribes & how much Alfred is responsible. I have some imaginative ideas on the subject, including what kind of charger cord did you have plugged into said devices. Was it just a regular charger cord plugged into a wall outlet (non-usb)? Or was it a usb (power plus data transfer) cord plugged into a usb wall adapter?
I have had similar problems except mine are the opposite. It happens on newer or older phones, makes no difference. They work perfectly until I leave for work & are half way across town. Then somehow, the power supply stops to the camera phone (whichever one it is) & the phone dies suddenly with no warning. Even though I have the notifications set to on in case that happens. When I look at the camera health check up, it’s hours behind real time, & doesn’t show that the camera was on at all that very same day only minutes before.
When I get home, my phone is turned off but still plugged in. When I turn it on, the battery isn’t as dead as you think it would be considering it shut off suddenly. It makes no sense unless someone like Alfred is responsible for doing more than what it claims.