Alfred disappeared from google playstore

I am testing the application and it has disappeared


I’ve noticed that today too.
I wanted to check compatible android versions and searched in play store, but alfred camera is not available any more…


Strange Me too any problem with the app ??

I downloaded the app 5 hours ago and it was available in Playstore🤔

I also can not find it on Google play any more. wanted to see if there are any updates since I also had problems with Video missing. Came back, was properly problem with my internet reception. But still nothing on Google Play

No wonder it wouldn’t work when I went somewhere earlier. My devices were all connected to my wifi, but Alfred wouldn’t work.

Same here, Google Email to say my subscription was cancelled, and cannot see Alfred on the play store

I just got the notice my sub has been canceled also.

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I also received the notice after signing up for an annual subscription two weeks ago. Can’t even contact support because my devices won’t show up in the list because their Google authorizations have obviously been completely revoked.

I noticed that it was missing from Play Store as well and I also noticed that I can pull it up but the app has disappeared from my home screen so what’s going on does anybody

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred Center.

You may have noticed that Alfred has being removed from Play Store temporarily. We’re aware of this issue and are working on it urgently.

Please rest assured that if you have already downloaded the Alfred app, you can continue to use our services and features without a problem.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience! Please know that our teams are working hard to get Alfred back on the Play Store and will keep you updated with the latest information.

Great news: We’ve fixed the problems and Alfred is back to store again!

We’re sorry for the time you aren’t able to download the app. Thanks again for all of your support and please stay tuned to future updates!

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I have a quick question… I am a computer dummy so please bare with me. Can I use this app to monitor what’s going on at home from my mobile to my smart tv at home?
Thanks for any help

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Anyone…? Help… may I watch at home activity without it being obvious from my mobile while I am out for day?
Thanks anyone
Computer dummy

It’s up again, thanks for their comments.

Best regards.

There’s a perfect example of why your Apps reliance should not be on Google.
Time for alternative log in and subscription methods ?

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If I understand your question, you want to know if you can check in on your camera feed, from your mobile device while you are not at home within your WIFI range.

Yes you absolutely can, from within your Alfred App on your mobile device, on the home page of the app, simply click on the large thumbnail of the camera you would like to view. It does not require you to be connected to your home WIFI and can be viewed with your mobile data or any WIFI you have access to at the time.

You can also view all of your live feeds and recorded events from any PC or laptop from this very website by clicking on the “Web Viewer” on the home page of this website.

I agree. Why is using our Google account the only way to be connected to Alfred?

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I’ve noticed that today too.
I wanted to check compatible android versions and searched in play store, but alfred camera is not available any more…