Alfred Completes Its First Mission Just 11 Hours After Installed


Some people might think that security systems are a waste of money. Especially for those who are just traveling, the only thing they can rely on to protect their items is the surveillance in the hotel. Here is a story about how Alfred completed its first mission and solved a crime just 11 hours after installed. Mark, a businessman who is on a 5-week training trip, told us that how Alfred was able to help him solve the crime the very next day after installed.

Alfred Camera is an amazing product. I was traveling for work for five weeks straight and felt that I needed extra eyes on my possessions. I had heard about other surveillance apps in the past but found Alfred to be the best option for iOS to Android compatibility. I’m so glad I downloaded the FREE version of Alfred. One day after installing Alfred Camera my coworkers and I returned to our hotel suites to find multiple rooms ransacked by an unknown person. The police were called and found multiple other victims of burglary throughout the hotel. The hotel’s surveillance system was not working, but not to fear…

Alfred solved the case by showing a clear image of the suspect! An unknown person entered my room while my do-not-disturb sign was on the outside of my door. This person went through my belongings while I was away, but the entire event was captured on video. The hotel manager identified the person as a part-time employee and the police were able to solve the crime. This same person stole items from guests before but had never been caught before my incident.

–Mark Stevens

Cases like what Mark has gone through occur sometimes, but it seems like there is no effective way to put your mind at ease especially when you are staying in a hotel. As Mark mentioned in his story, the criminal was a part-time employee in the hotel. We’ve heard a lot of cases like this. For example, Alfred once helped a victim catch a thief that had repeatedly stolen his items without a trace and the thief turned out to be the landlord’s unemployed son. Criminals like them are well aware of every corner of the house so it’s effortless for them to bypass the security cameras and commit a crime.

Mark was lucky. Before this trip, he had never been a victim of a crime because he is living in a good neighborhood, but he still felt that he needed extra eyes on his possessions during this trip. He’d been aware of security apps like Alfred and he happened to have a spare iOS device, so he downloaded it, took a few minutes to set it up, and went to sleep, but never did he know this app would actually help the police track down the criminal the very next day. “for me, it was just setting it up 11 hours before, you can’t ask for any better success.” he said.

For travelers, time is everything. You probably don’t need a security app that’ll take up your time. It only took Mark 5 minutes before everything was on track even if he was really tired at the moment. He said, “I like the easy setup. Especially if you’re traveling, this comes in handy. Also, the ease of a lot of time. IP cameras can be vulnerable, like setting up in a correct way, but with Alfred, I guess, also the ease of cross-device.”

He wasn’t really a victim of the crime because none of his items were stolen. “I went back and reviewed all my video clips on Alfred and sure enough there was the person in the room and she walked into my room, walked past the camera, went through one of my bags, didn’t steal anything. I think she may have realized there was a camera, but she was definitely in my room.” he recalled. With Alfred, you can effectively deter the thief from stealing your precious items.

If you’re traveling and the security concerns keep preying on your mind, it’s impossible for you to enjoy the trip. Having an app like Alfred keeps your items safe and puts your mind at ease.

Everyone who travels or has an important area of their residence should download Alfred NOW! Alfred Camera saved the day for me and my coworkers. Without clear proof of a crime, the police would not have conducted a full investigation of the case and the thief would have continued victimizing guests.

–Mark Stevens

We are glad that Mark shared his story with us and we hope such thing will never happen again to anyone.

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Ah so for the police to investigate something they need clear proof of a crime, can’t trust those pesky insurance fraud civilians. Oh and if you can solve the crime for them too they are more likely to take you seriously, looks great on the statistics.


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