Alfred Cares about the Caregivers


I have a dog who is like a son to me. I also have elderly parents who need my help. So I live a short distance from them. Thanks to Alfred and the fact that Alfred is a free monitoring app, I am able to have the peace of mind that at a moment’s notice I can be notified of any emergencies should they arise. Money can’t put a price on that. I thank all who developed this free service as I am on a very limited budget. Thank you Alfred.!!!


I want this app to save more battery.


Ito am a caregiver for my 76 year old gf she has heart disease,and more issues with her health,she watches her programs I really don’t like that’s ok we have 2 tv’s I watch in living room my programs with alfred I can still monitor her where I sit oh I forgot to mention she also has seizures ,so this is a very good app to have on my phone thanks to all of you people who have came with this app(peace of mind for both of us).


Thing is gone nuts taking still shots won’t play the motion videos it is always plugged in aswel


I had that same problem find out that the Wi-Fi was not on Check your Wi-Fi and that problem will go away


Hi @paulmcl500,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

There are two possible reasons that could cause this:

  1. Your connection is not very stable.

What Alfred does when an Event is generated is uploading a snapshot first. In a few seconds, the video should follow. If the Internet is cut off before the video can be uploaded however, only the snapshot will be available.

  1. Your Camera Phone is running out of internal storage space.

Please free up some space to see if that fixes the problem.


Sorry i didn’t reply sooner. Your so eelcone, u guys are great in providing this great service. Thanks


Ive no idea why my xiaomi phone keep disconnecting and offline. I need to reset and touch it physically and its ok for while but tjen going offl9ne. Ive done all setup for xiaomi but its keep happening. Somethimg wrong with xiaomi phone?


Hi @poci.wasiats,

Thank you for reaching out!

To improve your network connection, please run a quick Camera Health Check to see if the power supply/connection can be improved:

Also, please try to disable the notification from other apps of your Camera Phone and avoid making Camera enter Power Saving mode. Instead, you can tap the Lock icon on the bottom right corner to lock the screen. It will dim the screen and save Camera battery.

Hope it helps!


Yesterday, I became unable to watch live video. Keeps telling me can’t connect. I tried another app and this works. I am willing to pay for Alfred service but now this happened. Please help. Thank. You.
I use a tablet and an s7.


Alfred has already wowed me, it’s just an amazing app that I plan to pay for as soon as I’m able


I’m a caregiver for my little brother who suffers from an acute brain injury.
MRSA has prevented us from replacing his right Skull cap which means his brain is unprotected under his scalp. Making him completely dependant 24/7! I work more than full time…
and boy is it exhausting!
If it wasn’t for Alfred I wouldn’t have been able to visit my grandma in the hospital.
I’m hoping Alfred can give me the freedom I need to join my mom at church Sunday mornings!
Before I found this app is sure felt chained to the house. I maybe got out 6 hours a month.
Thanks to the developers I have the reassurance I need to breathe easy when I run out to pick up dinner!!


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Hello, I have set up a live chat support group for Caregivers to help one another to lean on during tough times, share stories etc.
Line Chat on ios, android, & home pc/mac
Search for my user id : sterling59 (all low case).


Alfred revolutionized the caretaking of my elderly father at home. In addition to direct observation in some areas, I call tell where he is going and often what he needs depending on which cameras trigger in combination and order. Using it, decreased the toil and stress an amazing amount. I have taught others of it’s uses and ease. Can’t imagine life without it. Thanks again Alfred!




I too have a similar situation, I love this app. My co-worker Stanley Jackson told me about the app when we were exchanging family issues. Anyhow, thanks my mind is at ease.



Thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Have a nice day!


Na minha região temos poblema com faltade energia elétrica com isso o celular localizado para fazer a vigilância descarregar! Como fazer para ligado novamente já que estou viajando???



Thank you for visiting Alfred Center!

Devices running on battery often enable power-saving mode and reduce WiFi reception capacity. To ensure continuous surveillance, we suggest you keep your Camera plugged in.

If you see a wake-up button, please tap on it to see if the Camera can be woken up. If that fails, the only way to bring it back online is regaining physical access to the device.

You can find some tips for improving the performance of Camera here:

Hope it helps!