Alfred Cares about the Caregivers


The caregiver cares for our sick and weak, but who cares for the caregiver? We have been told by many users that Alfred reassures them their family are in good hands, but how do things look on the other side? Betty, a caregiver, told us how Alfred helps her with her patients.

I work as a caregiver for an agency that supplies hospital patients with caregivers. If the patients need some help to get back on their feet, their family can ask the hospital, which in turn contacts the agency to send a caregiver. I take care of the patients until they are discharged. Depending on the patient's condition, I have a new one every few days.

A job like this is almost a 24/7 one. My meal breaks are short, as I cannot leave the patient’s side for too long. Some patients are stable and clear, so I can tell them that I am quickly going to get some food. Others are confused or very ill, which makes my short meal run a nerve-wrecking one.

I was told there are some apps that can help me keep an eye on my patients when I have to leave their side. I found some of them, but pairing devices was a headache and I had problems getting them to work. Then I saw Alfred and decided to give it a go. Alfred turned out to be an amazing app! It is so easy to set up. In a few clicks, it is done. I turn on motion detection, so I know whether I have a few minutes to spare or I have to get back to the room as fast as I can. I also build a trust circle with the family. That way, they can see how the patient is doing, and they know someone is always watching.

Speaking to Betty was an enlightening experience. Too often we forget those in the service industry are also flesh and blood. They too need a breather from time to time. In a sector where under-staffing and overworking are becoming the norm, we are glad that Alfred can help them reduce the stress factor. Every little bit helps!

Protecting Your Family Can Be This Easy!

DIY Care Cam Makes Caregiving Easier

There is an increasing need for elderly care in today’s world. Most people’s goal is living independently for as long as they can. Eventually, some form of help might be needed. Be it home care, assisted living, memory care, nursing home, skilled nursing, home health aides, Home Health Agencies, in-home help, or retirement home, a DIY care cam will help reinforce emotional support as well as offering the family some peace of mind.

Just because aging is an inevitable process doesn’t mean nothing can make it a little easier! Besides looking into wheelchair ramp, grocery deliveries, Meals on Wheels, and bathroom rails, a senior care cam can facilitate independent living. The family can say hi, make sure they are doing fine, as well as offering immediate response should they need help.

User Michael Silvan said:" Alfred help me take care of my 99 year old grandmother after she broke her hip. I was able to move around the house work outside and have constant contact with her. And if she needed me all she had to do was call out. When I was sleeping and she was stirring it would wake me up and I could go in and check on her."

If you are caring for someone with dementia symptoms, Alzheimer’s, or memory loss, this video surveillance app can be indispensable as the Camera keeps track of when they eat, when they take medication, if there has been an accident or fall, or whether they have done something potentially dangerous.

User Richie Horn said:" Perfect for my needs Using the app to monitor my 88-years old Dad who has some dementia but loves living in his own home. App is an additional element to his support to ensure all is well when I am not with him."

Health and access to medical care are the biggest concerns for the elderly. Nowadays, smartphones can be transformed into heart rate monitors, devices for parental control, or a GPS tracker that helps locate missing persons. They can also make caregiving easier by turning into a senior care cam. This helps reduce the feeling of loneliness, manage their daily routine, and respond to emergency situations.

Rather than immediately resorting to Comfort Keepers, Alfred can be helpful for senior care especially for those who don’t have long-term care insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. If Visiting Angels, skilled nursing, in-home help, or home health aides are hired, you can check in on them with Alfred. If they are in a nursing home, memory care, or retirement home, adjustment might be an issue. They might throw a tantrum because they feel uneasy. You can offer emotional support by talking to them, remind them where they might have placed something, or make sure they have all the assistance they need!

You can also prevent elder abuse with Alfred. If you suspect a family member or caregiver is abusive, you can gather evidence with Alfred. The footage Alfred records can be presented as evidence. Likewise, caregivers can build a sense of trust with the family with Alfred. User Jacqueline Thomas said: ”While I installed Alfred to ensure my job security, it fosters trust between me and the patient’s family. I give them camera access so that they can check on the patient as well as the interactions. It makes us a team.”

If your loved ones need home care, install Alfred to gain some peace of mind!

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Good for you Reneé. Tough job, but at the very least.?.. I hope is very gratifying for you.


There is not a better time to write this. At the end of 2015, I wanna say this with my most heartfelt gratitude: it is a tough job, but we are so honored to have this opportunity to watch over (almost) 1 million homes all over the world.

It is very challenging because Alfred is supporting over 30,000 Android models. Providing one universal solution and one consistent experience despite the differences in cameras, microphones, displays and CPU is so so so hard. Luckily we have supportive users like you!! Your feedback can always help us solve problems and make progress sooner .You are our superheroes!!


I have a friend at work that visits his mother in a home for the elderly or an assisted living home. He told me that someone was taking stuff from her room while she is sleeping or showering or out of the room. I told him how he could set up a camera phone in her room using wifi provided with his payment. I told him that he could put it in a spot so that it would monitor her stuff and if she needed to talk to him she could go over to the phone and create motion so that he could talk to her in real time.


Hey Frank,

Thank you so much for recommending Alfred to a friend!

We are sorry to hear someone has been taking advantage of your friend’s mother. We hope they can find out exactly who it is by setting up Alfred!

If they can turn on the audio from the Camera end (it can only be switched on/off from the Camera end) and your friend opens our Webviewer at work (, his mother can also just call him.

Hope this helps!


I have been working as a caregiver in nursing homes for years. This job is rewarding because I can care and provide comfort for people who can’t be taken care of at home anymore. However, it comes with many different challenges.

Some of my patients (termed as “consumers” in our service) are non-verbal. They have problems expressing their wishes as well as problems. Even though I am supposed to be available at all times during my shift, I do sometimes have to go to the kitchen to prepare for food, for example. I have learnt that anything can happen in a second in my job, so I need all the help I can get. Alfred is my recent discovery. It is an app that turns spare phones or tablets into cameras. Just sign in with Gmail, and I can watch the patient/consumer or receive Motion Detection notifications even when I am somewhere else in the house.

I set a Camera Phone up in front of a Teddy bear by a non-verbal patient’s head so that I can always keep an eye on him. Lucky for us I did. When I was heating food up in the the kitchen the other day, I saw on my phone screen that he had a seizure. I quickly rushed back to his side and handled the situation. It was a close call!

It isn’t necessarily easier to take care of patients/consumers who are able to speak. Some of them refuse to communicate, so I have to observe them closely. Patients/consumers with dementia could forget where they put things and whether they ate. If they complain to their family, who in turn complain to the nursing home, it could easily cost me my job or even license.

While I installed Alfred to ensure my job security, what I have found is that it fosters trust between me and the patient’s family. Rather than waiting for them to take the initiative to surveil me, I have added them to Alfred’s Trust Circle so that they can check on the patient/consumer as well as my interactions with the patient/consumer. It makes us a team.

My patients/consumers might not get better, but I am proud to provide them with dignity and comfort. It’s great to do this with a little help from Alfred.

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It is great to see Alfred being used this way to help. One just has to be careful with privacy laws and disclosure as in some countries this is very strict. Just ensure that all parties know explicitly that camera is used as surveillance to avoid legal repercussions.


Turn your old phones into granny cam

My father-in-law has dementia. So far, he has refused to go to a nursing home. The doctors agree to let him stay home as long as someone can check on him and provide assistance when necessary. Since we live the closest to him, the job naturally fell on our shoulders.

While we know the situation will only worsen, things aren’t too bad for the moment. I drop by to bring him food, make sure he takes his medicine at the right time, and help him find things that he swears he put somewhere. Usually they turn up in the strangest places, like the fridge!

Recently a friend told me about Alfred, an app that turns spare smartphones/tablets into cameras. Just connect the devices to the Internet, log in with the same Gmail, and you can keep an eye on the place/person anywhere you want. I thought it’s a genius idea to help monitor my father-in-law, so I set up two Camera Phones at his place.

One Camera Phone is positioned at the end of the hallway overlooking the door. That way, we get an idea when he leaves and comes back. When he is gone for a little too long, we can drive by. So far, he’s just somewhere in the neighborhood. The other Camera is even more vital. It is pointed at his medical kit. He needs to take certain medicine at a regular interval, so Alfred helps us make sure he hasn’t forgotten about it. The consequences could be fatal, so we are really happy to have help.

For us, Alfred reduces many potential conflicts and reassures us that he is still doing OK. We know that at some point, he won’t have the choice to stay home anymore. At least for the moment, he seems happy and we are not overly stressed-out.

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I have all my respect for caregivers but at the same time I have to say that most homes are understaffed.

For those of you who have to put a loved one in a nursing home. DO NOT leave anything valuable with your loved one - it will disappear .

My mom has been in one for 2 and a half years; she has lost money, small things and today I discovered her wedding band is missing!!! :angry: She isn’t even aware that is missing. I know I won’t see it again. I am still fuming, but I’ve stopped swearing.

Alfred is a necessity.


Exactly…I know first hand. We had one resident eat another’s hearing aide.:flushed:, resident lose weight and rings fall off and no one claims them. They sit in a safe on the off chance that someone recognizes them. Items that end up at the nurses station and you know they belong in someone’s room but can’t remember which one so there it sits. Dentures wrapped in napkins left on dinner trays guess where they end up? Money that goes to laundry and ends up in the washers and driers…when your doing a load with 30 peoples pants how do you know who it belongs to? As nurses were not perfect…never claimed to be but don’t just assume we steal all their stuff.


Visitors are more likely to steal things.


Alfred is an amazing app. A store here in NZ is pushing home surveillance setups and I’m watching thinking Alfred does all that. Im really happy this app helps keep my family safe. Thank you very much :slight_smile:


What you do is so very important!!!
Most families now have loved ones in facility’s like you work in.
God Bless You!!
Your Job Is Valuable!!


Olá sou San Clair Alfred o o bixo


:grinning:I’m not sure how this wor k d yet


Hi @merandablue,

Thank you for reaching out!

Can you tell us a bit more about the problem you’ve experienced? Just a kind remind, one of your Viewer Phones seems to have incorrect time/date,. This might cause some features of Alfred to malfunction.

Please let us know more so we can look into it for you!


The phone used for camera keeps saying offline


Hi @paulmcl500,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

We took a quick look at the connection logs and saw that your Camera tends to run on battery recently. Devices running on battery often enable power-saving mode and reduce WiFi reception capacity. To ensure continuous surveillance, we suggest you keep your Camera plugged in.

Please try this for a couple of days and let us know if it helps!


One more help from my side ,my experience . I am submitting this which may be helpful to you and others. You can connect an external small SPEAKER which you can connect by Bluetooth or a cable with camera phone. Supply electricity power along with mobile phone. This way you can speak to the patient from wherever you are, I mean before you reach to the patient. You can assure the patient by SPEAKING REMOTELY that you are reaching there soon. That will be very helpful for a patient in distress and to you also to avoid fret.–Dr Pancholi, M.D.(Ayurved),Ph.D.,MBA(HospMgmt),India.


I have a dog who is like a son to me. I also have elderly parents who need my help. So I live a short distance from them. Thanks to Alfred and the fact that Alfred is a free monitoring app, I am able to have the peace of mind that at a moment’s notice I can be notified of any emergencies should they arise. Money can’t put a price on that. I thank all who developed this free service as I am on a very limited budget. Thank you Alfred.!!!